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Sometimes, you don’t need the full version of an app. Photoshop is a potent image editing tool, but the desktop version is more than you need for many purposes. To fix this, Adobe has announced a new Photoshop web app that provides a limited version of the full app’s tools.

Adobe says that coworkers “can review and add comments right in the browser without having to download apps or have a Creative Cloud subscription.” So if you wanted to share your work with a possible client, they could open it up without downloading Photoshop and be able to comment on anything they’d like to see changed.

However, if you do have Creative Cloud, you can make what Adobe describes as “minor tweaks and quick edits” to your images. The web version won’t replace the desktop Photoshop app by any means, but if you just want to perform some simple edits, you can use Photoshop on the web to get it done.

The basic image editing features are in beta, so they’re not quite ready for primetime yet. Additionally, I couldn’t get access to the beta web editor as of this writing through Adobe Creative Cloud’s web app section and the method Adobe describes on its support page wasn’t working yet either, so it may be a gradual rollout.

In addition to Photoshop, Abobe is working on a beta of Illustrator for the web, though that’s a closed beta that you’ll need to sign up to try.

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