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The iPhone’s camera automatically turns on the Night Mode when it detects low light, making flash unusable. If it’s annoying you, here’s how you can disable auto Night Mode in the camera on iPhone.

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How to Disable Night Mode in Camera on iPhone

Apple makes Night Mode available on iPhone 11 and higher. Also, the iPhone needs to turn running iOS 14 or later.

First, launch the “Camera” app on your iPhone.

Tap the "Camera" app to open it.

Tap on the “Night Mode” icon on the top-left corner.

Tap the "Night Mode" option.

The slider for controlling the “Night Mode” will show up above the capture button. You can turn the slider to the left to turn off the “Night Mode.”

Slide to right to turn off the auto "Night Mode."

You can save this action as permanent so that the Night Mode doesn’t turn on every time you open the camera. For that, open the “Settings” app on your iPhone.

Tap the "Settings" app to open it.

Scroll down and select “Camera.”

Select the "Camera" option.

Select “Preserve Settings”

Select "Preserve Settings."

Toggle on the switch for “Night Mode.”

Toggle on the button for "Night Mode."

You can close the “Settings” app. Now you can take great photos at night or in low light without worrying about the Night Mode switching on automatically.

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