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Zoom is taking one of its premium features and making it available to free members, as promised. You can now get auto-generated captions on your free account, which is great for accessibility and usability.

For the time being, you can only get access to live captions in English, but Zoom says it plans to add other languages in the future.

In a blog post, Zoom’s Theresa Larkin said, “It’s important to us that everyone can successfully connect, communicate, and participate using Zoom. Without the proper accessibility tools, people with disabilities face tremendous barriers when using video communication solutions.”

The goal is to make Zoom more accessible for everyone, and having this key feature available to anyone, regardless of whether they pay for an account, is a big step towards that goal. “That’s why we are focused on building out a platform that is accessible to everyone, and features such as auto-generated captions are an important part of that mission,” Larkin continued.

It’s easy to enable automatic captions in Zoom. You need to go to “Account Management” then click “Account Settings.” From there, click the “Meeting” tab, then head to “In Meeting (Advanced),” and then click “Closed captioning” to enable it. Once you do that, you’ll get live English transactions during your Zoom calls, which is a fantastic feature to have.

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