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Starting in early November, more than 100 Best Buy stores will start offering same-day repairs on Samsung Galaxy phones, which will create a more Apple-like experience. With this many stores offering the service, there’s likely one near you.

The most important thing about the new deal with Best Buy is the same-day repairs. Being without your phone is never a good thing, so having the option to bring it to your local store and so you can walk out with a fixed device quickly is fantastic.

Unfortunately, foldable devices won’t be eligible for same-day repairs. Samsung said Galaxy Flip and Fold devices are excluded, presumably because they’re more complicated to fix than traditional smartphone screens.

The repairs will be performed by what the company calls “Samsung-certified Geek Squad agents.” That should mean that they’ve been fully trained to deal with the specifics of working with a Samsung phone. Samsung also says, “Samsung-certified agents only use Samsung parts, so rest assured that your phone will be restored back to the way it should be.”

Another excellent convenience that adds to the Apple-like experience is the ability to schedule your repair appointment online, which means you won’t have to walk into Best Buy and wait for someone to be available.

As mentioned, the new Best Buy partnership starts in early November, so you’ll need to wait a little while before you can bring your phone in for repairs.

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