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If you want to email meeting participants or event guests ahead of time, you can do so right from Google Calendar. There’s no need to copy and paste all those email addresses. Just click a button and type.

Email Event Guests on the Google Calendar Site

Visit the Google Calendar website and select the event. You can email the guests for the event on your calendar or the event detail page.

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On your calendar, open the event, and click the Email Guests icon.

Or on the event details page, click the Email Guests icon in the Guests sections.

A new message window will open with everyone’s email addresses populated for you. At the top, you may see options for who to send the email to, such as those who haven’t accepted the invitation yet. Check those you want to include, type your message, and press “Send.”

Send email to event guests

The email will be sent from your connected Google account through Gmail.

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Email Event Guests in the Google Calendar Mobile App

When you’re on the go, you want easy ways to take care of business. Luckily, you can email event guests right from the Google Calendar mobile app as well. The process differs a little bit between the Android app and the iPhone and iPad app.

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Email Guests on Android

Open the event in the Google Calendar app on your Android device. Tap the three dots on the top right and select “Email Guests.”

You’ll see some handy suggestions like letting everyone know you’ll be there soon or that they can start without you. You can also choose to write your own message.

Email guests in Google Calendar on Android

If you have more than one email app on your device, you may be asked which one you’d like to use. Then just select the app and a new message will be created with the email addresses. Simply complete the email and send it.

Choose an email app and send the email

Email Guests on iPhone and iPad

Open the event in the Google Calendar app on your iPhone or iPad. Tap the three dots on the top right and select “Email Guests.”

If prompted, select the email app you’d like to use. The new message will be created with the email addresses of the attendees. Unlike Android, you don’t have quick suggestions, so just type your message and send.

Email guests in Google Calendar on iPhone

The ability to email event guests directly from Google Calendar is handy. You can make sure everyone’s included and save time from gathering all of those email addresses.

And remember, if you simply want to reschedule, you can propose a new time for a Google Calendar event without emailing the group.

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