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Google Photos is arguably the company’s best product. It offers a huge range of powerful tools and sharing features. If you and a partner both use Google Photos, there are some incredible features you should be using.

What Is Partner Sharing in Google Photos?

“Partner Sharing” is the name for a collection of features aimed at people who use Google Photos together. The basic idea is Google Photos can share specific photos and videos on your behalf. You never have to bug the other person to share photos with you because it happens automatically.

Note: Partner Sharing only works if you back up photos and give Google permission to detect faces. Some people are not comfortable handing this data over to a large tech company. Make sure you understand that before enabling the feature.

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Automatically Share Photos

Partner Sharing.

When you’re a parent, photos of your kid become a precious commodity. Friends, grandparents, and your significant other will always want photos and videos. Partner Sharing can automate this entire process.

Here’s a common scenario. You can have any photo or video you take of your kid be automatically sent to your spouse, and vice versa. That means you’re never asking “hey can you send me those photos you took?” They’re always just there.

Of course, kids are just one example. The feature works with anyone that has a face. You could set it up so any photo you take of a friend is automatically sent to them. It’s a great way to automate the process of sharing photos and videos with people. It all happens automatically inside the Google Photos app.

Automatically Add Photos to an Album

Add photos of people and pets to albums.

While not technically part of Partner Sharing, the same face detection technology can be used for albums too. Instead of sharing photos directly with other people, they can be automatically added to an album.

The use-cases for this are pretty straightforward. You can make an album for photos of your kid and all the photos you take of them will automatically go there. This is especially useful if you share an album with someone who may not use Google Photos. It doesn’t rely on sending the photos to them, but they can still view the album.

Unlike person-to-person partner sharing, the album feature can include pets. Google Photos can detect the faces of pets—though it’s not as accurate as human faces—and put them in an album too.

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Automatically Save Photos to Your Phone

Save photos from people to library.

Sharing photos is great, but they’re still stuck in Google Photos’ cloud storage. It would be a pain to have to manually save every photo that was shared with you to your device. Thankfully, you don’t have to.

Partner Sharing allows you to have any photo including a specific face that’s shared with you to be saved to your library. So if we go back to the example above, not only will you know when your spouse takes a photo of your kid, it can automatically appear in your camera roll and “Memories.”

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The moral of the story here is you’re probably already sharing a lot of photos with people. So why not let Google automate the process a bit? Yes, it does require backing up photos to the cloud and letting Google identify faces, but if you’re comfortable with that, it’s a no-brainer.

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