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Peacock may be an upstart streaming service, but it does have a well-stocked library of creepy, scary, and darkly entertaining movies, most of which are available to stream for free. Here are the best Halloween movies to stream on Peacock.

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Bride of Chucky

The turning point in the long-running Child’s Play horror series, Bride of Chucky takes killer doll Chucky (voiced by Brad Dourif) in a more comedic direction while retaining his murderous edge. Jennifer Tilly joins the franchise as Tiffany, who’s soon also transformed into a doll and joins her lover on a killing spree. Chucky and Tiffany make for perfect Halloween couples’ costumes, and Dourif and Tilly have great chemistry as the homicidal toys.

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The ‘Burbs

Director Joe Dante brings his B-movie expertise to dark comedy The ‘Burbs, starring Tom Hanks as a bored suburbanite who suspects that his neighbors may be serial killers. Hanks’ everyman charms combine with Dante’s penchant for absurdity, as Hanks’ Ray and his buddies become increasingly consumed by their obsession with the oddball family next door. Dante turns the placid suburbs into a surreal nightmare, with Hanks providing the likable anchor even as the story becomes more cartoonish and violent.

Day of the Dead

The third movie in director George A. Romero’s original Living Dead trilogy, Day of the Dead is another combination of zombie horror and social satire. It takes place mostly in a military facility where scientists attempt to find solutions for the zombie pandemic, and of course, things go terribly awry. Romero portrays the overwhelming terror of a zombie apocalypse alongside the bureaucratic infighting of government officials, for a doubly bleak look at humanity.

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The Fly

David Cronenberg later turned it into a masterpiece of body horror, but the original 1958 The Fly is more of a methodical mix of sci-fi, horror, and murder mystery. A scientist working to create a matter transporter accidentally fuses himself with a common housefly, causing him to gradually transform into a hybrid monster. His traumatized wife narrates the movie in flashback, detailing her husband’s descent into despair and madness. The creature effects are old-fashioned, but the story remains gripping and thoughtful.

Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives

Pretty much all of the sequels in the Friday the 13th series are bad, but Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives stands out by having a fun sense of humor about its ridiculousness. Hockey-masked killer Jason Voorhees is back again, of course, but writer-director Tom McLoughlin doesn’t take him too seriously.

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Jason returns to Camp Crystal Lake to kill a bunch of people, but Jason Lives deviates from the slasher formula with more of a throwback monster-movie vibe. The jokes are silly but good-natured, providing a nice break from the monotony in the rest of the series.

It Follows

An almost undetectable presence stalks teens who pass a curse along from one to another via sexual intercourse in David Robert Mitchell’s eerie, terrifying It Follows. The “it” of the title can take the form of any person, and its pursuit is leisurely, never more than a casual walking pace. But it’s also relentless and unstoppable, and the only way to get rid of it is to make someone else its target. Mitchell methodically builds tension while never giving his characters—or the audience—a moment of peace.

The Mask

What’s a better choice for Halloween than a movie literally about a mask? In the fantasy comedy The Mask, Jim Carrey plays meek bank teller Stanley Ipkiss, who discovers an ancient magical mask that unleashes his wild side and grants him superpowers. Stanley turns into a green-faced embodiment of a cartoon character, allowing Carrey to show off his flair for physical comedy and deliver plenty of goofy catch phrases.

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Stanley fights some unmemorable criminals, but his romance with a gangster’s moll played by Cameron Diaz in her film debut makes a much stronger impression.

The People Under the Stairs

Genre legend Wes Craven’s The People Under the Stairs is a darkly comic horror movie that takes on issues of class, race, and gentrification while switching up the home-invasion format. Here, it’s the invaders who get more than they bargained for when a group of thieves break into the house of a wealthy, sadistic couple. These twisted landlords who call themselves Mommy and Daddy are hiding a basement full of feral kidnapped children. It’s an unhinged, bizarre, and morbidly funny story about the grotesque corruptions of power.

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

Generations of kids were traumatized by the folktales and urban legends collected by author Alvin Schwartz in the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark books, especially with the accompanying haunting illustrations by Stephen Gammell. The film version, produced by Guillermo del Toro, wraps up several of those tales in a movie set on Halloween in 1968 in a small Pennsylvania town. A group of teens finds a mysterious book of scary stories that they must destroy when the stories start coming to life.

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Before he started directing big-budget superhero movies like Guardians of the Galaxy and The Suicide Squad, James Gunn made small-scale horror movies like Slither. A glorious gross-out comedy, Slither takes place in a small town where an alien parasite infects a local tycoon and quickly spreads to nearly every resident. Gunn brings the gonzo, anything-goes spirit of his early days with Troma Entertainment to a slightly larger production. Slither is full of nasty aliens and nasty people, both depicted with the same sardonic humor.

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