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Reading is a pastime that never gets old. It’s something that appeals to all ages and can keep us all entertained no matter what. So, here are the best tech gifts for readers to make it even better.

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The Best Tech Gifts for Readers

Reading isn’t a particularly tech-heavy thing to do, and in fact, it’s something often done to get away from electronics.

Many find it easier to get lost in a hardback instead of an eReader, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t wonderful tech gifts for reading aficionados. Some of the most fantastic gifts we’ve found for readers aren’t even for digital reading!

We’ve put together a list of the most exciting gift ideas we could find, all of which will make the reader in your life very happy. Regardless of how often they read and what their favorite genre is, you should find something below to bring a smile to their face.

Energizer Clip-on Book Light: For Reading at Night

Energizer Book light on pink background

One of the problems that can occur if one person is an avid reader and their partner isn’t is having a light on when reading at night.

A great gift to get for this situation is the Energizer Clip-on Book Light. This little gadget does exactly what it says on the tin. The light clips onto the book the person is reading and provides an excellent source of light designed specifically for reading, making it easy for the person next to your giftee to sleep while they read.

Energizer’s Book Light lasts for up to twenty-five hours before needing a battery change too. Nobody should be reading for that long without a nap, but at least that means it can go multiple reading sessions before a recharge.

Energizer Clip-on Book Light

A booklight for those who share their bed with someone who's always asleep first.

Mark-My-Time Digital Book Light: Help Younger Readers Build a Habit

Mark my Time book light being used by child

Reading is one of those activities that parents want their kids to fall in love with. You can help make sure they build a healthy reading habit by buying them the Mark-My-Time Digital Book Light.

This nifty little device has a built-in light to help them read no matter the conditions they’re trying to do so in. It also easily clips onto books and has a timer on it to help manage things like homework reading times.

On top of that, it has a built-in tracker that allows people to see how long the user has been reading for, which is excellent for making sure the kids are actually reading. This book light is really nifty!

Mark-My-Time Digital Book Light

A digital book light, timer, and tracker for the budding reader in your life.

Kindle Paperwhite: Reading in the New Age

Kindle Paperwhite outside on backpack

While many still like the heft of a book in their hands, the convenience of a good eReader shouldn’t be overlooked.

The Kindle Paperwhite is one of the best eReaders on the market. This new model has a 6.8-inch display with an adjustable light setting to ensure it’s easy on the eyes. It can store thousands of books with ease, and a single charge will last weeks thanks to the low energy usage.

In short, this makes reading simpler and is ideal for anyone who might be struggling with traditional books or simply wants a lot of quality reading content in one place.

Kindle Paperwhite

An eReader for the ages to bring everyone into the world of reading without books.

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Audible: Books in Audio Form

Audible holiday image

Reading is great, of course, but it’s also something that requires a person’s full attention. For those too busy to sit down and read, audiobooks are a lifesaver.

It’s not always realistic to fit in a book with so much going, and that’s where Audible comes in. An Audible subscription comes with access to a vast array of Audible Originals, audiobooks, and even podcasts to listen to.

You could even treat them to Audible Premium Plus if you want to let them buy an additional title for free and get discounts on other books too.

Scribd: A Subscription for It All

person reading Scirbd on tablet

If you’re buying a subscription for a reader with a voracious appetite and eclectic tastes, then you should consider Scribd.

Scribd is a subscription service that offers access to books, audiobooks, magazines, podcasts, and even sheet music for $10 a month. It even comes with perks, like being about to listen to music uninterrupted, checking out the news, and even viewing films thanks to MUBI.

It’s a tremendous all-encompassing kind of gift that should make anyone happy.


A subscription service for books, magazines, and basically everything else.

Night Caddy Bedside Organizer: A Convenient Place to Keep Everything

person installing night caddy in bed
Night Caddy

Many people love reading in bed, but when you combine a book, a good light, and the rest of the things we keep near us in the night, it can be messy. Well, it’s only messy if they don’t have access to a Night Caddy Deluxe Bedside Organizer, which you’re theoretically about to buy them.

This organizer has multiple pockets to hold, phones, books, eReaders, and whatever else you need. It clips on neatly to many different kinds of beds and even has a USB charger cord in it for more tech-savvy readers. The Night Caddy is simple, yet effective.

Night Caddy Deluxe Bedside Organizer

A place for everything a night reader could ever possibly need.

Franklin English Dictionary with Thesaurus: Words are Hard

Franklin Collins dictionary on grey background

If you grew up reading, then you likely learned a vast number of words from doing so.

It’s one of those things we take for granted with the internet at our fingertips, but there are a lot of words, and it’s tricky to know them all. The Franklin Collins English Dictionary with Thesaurus is an excellent way of giving someone the ability to look up whatever word they want with ease.

It’s an unusual gift given that many people would go to Google to look up the words, but it’s also nice to have a dedicated dictionary space that doesn’t connect to Twitter. We all need less time doomscrolling, so a “lower tech” gift like this dictionary can keep your giftee away from the electronics.

Franklin DMQ221 Collins English Dictionary with Thesaurus

A gift for all of those times when a word looks familiar but doesn't make sense.

Gooseneck Tablet Mount Holder: Hands-Free Tablet Usage

gooseneck mount next to computer

A big downside of using any tablet to read in bed is having to use your arms to hold it up. They get heavy after a while!

The Gooseneck Tablet Mount Holder is an excellent gift for those who want to relax as they’re reading. It can be adjusted to fit with a wide array of different tablets and phones. It’s easy to adjust thanks to the flexible neck, making it easy for most people to use than one and adjust to just the right angle.

Plus, it can be used for watching things on tablets too, not just for reading. This is certainly a multi-functional gift.

Gooseneck Tablet Mount Holder

A flexible hold for tablets of all sizes. Perfect for bedtime reading.

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