Ever wanted to restore a file from the past, but don’t have a good way to do it? With System Restore Explore you can mount a System Restore snapshot, and browse a past copy of your entire drive.

Going Back In Time With System Restore Explorer

Head over to the developer’s website and grab yourself a free copy of System Restore Explorer. The program requires a simple next, next finish kind of install. Once the installation has completed the program will launch, to display a list of available system restore points.

To mount a restore point select it from the list and hit the Mount botton, when it become available.

Once you have mounted the restore point, it will open an explorer window for you to browse through the drive as if it was you system drive.

To restore a file, simple navigate to its location and copy it to the location of your choice, which can be anywhere out of the mounted directory.


When you are finished be sure to go back and un-mount theย  restore point.

This trick will work on Windows XP, Vista and 7.

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