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Are you shopping on a budget? There are plenty of fantastic tech gifts that are $50 (or less!), and we’ve rounded up some of the best to make your holiday season shopping that much easier.

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The Best Tech Gifts for Under $50

Fifty dollars may not seem like a lot for a holiday gift, but the joy of technology is that it constantly gets both cheaper and far more impressive. As such, there will be plenty of presents that you might not expect to be at or below $50.

We’ve brought you a wide range of options here so that you can find something for everyone, and they’re all great deals to boot. So, let’s dive in so you can start your holiday shopping with ease.

DOSS SoundBox: A Lightweight Portable Speaker

Soundboxes lined up alongside holiday images

Are you looking to buy a present for someone who loves music, but you don’t have a bunch of money to splash on expensive audio equipment? Well, then we’ve got the perfect gift.

The DOSS SoundBox is a portable wireless Bluetooth speaker with excellent sound quality and 20-hour battery life. It’s also waterproof, which means it can be used by the side of a hot tub or by the pool. The SoundBox can even be used in bathrooms without worrying about moisture, so it’s really useful everywhere.

The SoundBox is a great gift for nearly anyone, as versatile as it is.

DOSS SoundBox

An impressive wireless Bluetooth speaker that's waterproof with a 20-hour battery life.

The Best Bluetooth Speakers of 2023

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JBL Charge 5
DOSS Soundbox
Best Budget Bluetooth Speaker
DOSS Soundbox
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Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker
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Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 3
Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker
Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 3
Sony SRS-XB43
Best Bluetooth Car Speaker
Sony SRS-XB43
JBL PartyBox 110
Best Loud Bluetooth Speaker
JBL PartyBox 110

Anker 2 Port Charger: Unlimited Power

Person putting Anker charger into bag

Charging has become more and more important as we gain more gadgets. Anything that makes charging easier would be an excellent yet inexpensive gift.

The Anker 32W 2 Port Charger has both a USB-C and USB-A port, so you can charge different devices easily without fishing around for a different wall charger or carrying around a portable charger. Two devices can also be charged at the same time.

Alongside that, it can also charge an iPhone 13 up to three times faster than your standard plug. After all, efficiency is a great gift—never think otherwise.

Anker 32W 2 Port Charger

A fancy 2 port charger to supercharge any tech that needs it.

Bedside Table Lamp With Bluetooth Speaker: Set the Mood

Mr Cool speaker on orange and pink background

Some people can’t go to sleep without the right ambiance. For some, that’s complete darkness and silence, but for others, that means a soft light and some good music.

The MRCOOL Bedside Table Lamp is a neat little lamp and speaker combo that can set the nighttime mood with a comforting light and good audio. This device is touch-activated, has different levels of light in an uncountable number of colors, and is easy to connect a smartphone to thanks to Bluetooth.

It can even set a timer to make sure the lamp turns off and is not using more power than needed, making it great for falling asleep.

MRCOOL Bedside Table Lamp with Bluetooth Speaker

Set the mood with both lights and music with this fancy bedside gadget.

LCD Writing Tablet: A Reusable Notepad

writing tablet on blue background

A pad of paper is one of the most useful things anyone could have, but they don’t exactly make a great gift. So what if someone took that simple concept but gave it a good tech spin?

The YYTFY LCD Writing Tablet is exactly that. This tablet has a 12-inch LCD pressure-sensitive screen that is incredibly easy to write or draw on. It’s a perfect gift for someone who likes to take notes, doodle to keep themselves occupied, or just write things down as a reminder.

It’s also way better than a pad of paper because it’s reusable. This gift helps to save the environment and your giftee from having sheets of paper everywhere!

YYTFY LCD Writing Tablet

Take notes, draw doodles, and keep track of everything with a reusable LCD tablet.

Mini LED Clock Fan: Cool Off and See the Time

Clock LED fan being used on laptop

If you’re looking to buy something that’s more on the cool but silly end of the gift spectrum, this gift is perfect.

The Breis Mini LED Clock Fan is a small, flexible USB fan that not only offers a bit of airflow but also shows the time on its rapidly rotating blades. It’s the kind of cool desk toy that offers some use as well.

That’s all it does, but the fan is just neat, you know? At just $20, it’s also a perfect stocking stuffer.

Breis Mini LED Clock Fan

Keeps a person cool and tells them the time in an interesting way.

Fugest Floating Globe: The World on Your Desk

floating globe on desk

Gifts can just be gifts, sometimes. It’s easy to fall into the trap of the idea that everything has to have a use, but that doesn’t need to be true.

Sometimes the best gift ideas are the ones like Fugest Floating Globe. This is a giant C shape device that uses magnets to suspend a globe in midair. It doesn’t have a “use”, but it can be rotated by blowing on it, and it just looks really cool.

The floating globe is one of those gifts that’ll impress everyone who sees it, and honestly, that’s enough to be worth it.

Fugest Floating Globe

An incredibly cool desk globe that floats via the power of magnets.

HyperX Pulsefire Haste Mouse: A Very Lightweight Mouse

Hyperx pulsefire haste on yellow background

Are you looking to buy a good gift for someone who spends a lot of time on their PC? The HyperX Pulsefire Haste Mouse is an extraordinary mouse for anyone that loves gaming or just spends a lot of time on the computer.

This ultralight mouse features a honeycomb design that helps keep the palm cool, and of course, the mouse is incredibly light. It means there’s less chance of RSI or any other strain when using it.

It’s also got a light-up mouse wheel, which is a nice touch.

HyperX Pulsefire Haste Mouse

A lightweight gaming mouse for those who like to keep their hands cool.

The Best Gaming Mice of 2023

Logitech G Pro X Superlight
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Logitech G Pro X Superlight
Logitech G203
Best Budget Gaming Mouse
Logitech G203
Razer Viper V2 Pro
Best Wireless Gaming Mouse
Razer Viper V2 Pro
Cooler Master MM720
Best Ultralight Gaming Mouse
Cooler Master MM720
Logitech G600
Best MMO Mouse
Logitech G600
Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro
Best FPS Mouse
Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro

Xbox Game Pass: The Netflix of Gaming

Xbox Game Pass games

Looking to buy a gaming gift that keeps on giving? If the person you’re buying for has a PC or an Xbox console, then we’ve got something that’s perfect.

The Xbox Game Pass is a service that offers up a constantly rotating catalog of games for people to choose from. It not only includes every game that Microsoft helps to publish from their huge array of first-party studios but also gives access to an amazing range of indie games too.

With hundreds of titles regularly on offer, Game Pass is one of the best deals in gaming, and any gamer will enjoy it.

Xbox Game Pass

The Netflix of gaming. Play the latest releases, old classics, and loads of games in-between.

Roku Express 4K+: Tiny (Yet Powerful) Streaming

roku express 4k+ on grey background

A lot of people have subscriptions to multiple streaming services, and flicking between them all can be tiring. The Roku Express 4K+ helps bring all of those services under the Roku smart TV OS, and also offers 4K resolution that’ll make everything look great.

The 2021 Express 4K+ also features smoother streaming than ever before, which is great for those who like uninterrupted high-quality videos. Roku OS is a well-loved streaming UI, too, and it’s easy to move between different services and channels without any fuss

Plus, the device even comes with its own selection of free and live TV channels, which is a nice touch for when people just can’t find something to watch.

Roku Express 4K+

Some of the best-looking streaming that's ever been seen in an easy-to-use package.

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Fire TV Stick 4K
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