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1Password is a potent tool for keeping track of your passwords. It keeps getting new features, and now it’s gaining an easy way to share passwords with friends and loved ones whether they use 1Password or not.

The new feature, which 1Password is calling Psst! (Password secure sharing tool), is designed so you can share passwords with anyone. The significant change is that they don’t need to use 1Password to receive the login information.

If you like sharing streaming services, for example, this would be an excellent feature for you. You could also use it to share your Wi-Fi password with guests quickly and easily, rather than having to shout a complicated string of text and numbers through your home.

To use the feature, you simply need to select “Share” from an item in your password storage, and then you can send the link to the other party. It’ll expire in seven days by default, but you can change that to as long as 30 days down to as shorts as a single view.

You can set the shared password to be available to anyone with the link or only specific people. If you select the latter, the recipient will have to enter their email before accessing the login information.

All in all, it looks like an easy-to-use feature that makes 1Password even more of a player in the password manager space.

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