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iMessage is a nice service—if you use an Apple device. When an iPhone user reacts to a message with a “like” or a “laugh,” Android users get a separate text announcing the action. It’s pretty annoying.

The Problem With iMessage Reactions on Android

Here’s what happens: the iPhone user selects the “like” expression in a conversation. They—and other iMessage users in the conversation—see a thumbs-up emoji on the message. Android users, however, receive a new message from that person that reads “Liked ‘[message contents].”

So what can you do to stop getting these annoying messages? Well, nothing, really. You can’t block them completely or remove them from the conversation. However, we can do something to stop getting notifications for them.

How to Stop iMessage Reaction Notifications

We will be using an app called “MacroDroid” to target the notifications for those reactions. We’ll enter keywords to identify those messages, and then MacroDroid will immediately dismiss the notification if it matches. That way you won’t be bothered by them.

First, download MacroDroid from the Google Play Store on your Android device. Open the app and skip through the introduction and Pro version ad.

Install MacroDroid.

Select “Add Macro” to begin setting things up.

Tap "Add Macro."

The first thing to do is create the “Trigger.” Tap the “+” button to proceed.

Tap the plus button.

Expand the “Device Events” category and select “Notification.” You’ll need to grant the app notification access.

Tap "Notification."

Select “Notification Received” and tap “OK.”

Select "Notification Received."

Choose “Select Application(s)” and tap “OK.”

Tap "Select Applications."

Here’s where you’ll want to select the app that you use for text messaging. Tap “OK” after you’ve made your choice.

Choose your messaging app and tap "OK."

Leave everything how it is and tap “OK.”

Tap "OK."

With the trigger done we can choose the action. Tap the “+” button on the “Actions” card.

Expand the “Notification” category and select “Clear Notifications.”

Choose "Clear Notifications."

Choose “Select Application(s)” and tap “OK.”

Choose "Select Applications."

Select your messaging app again and tap “OK.”

Pick your messaging app and tap "OK."

Next, we’ll configure which notifications to dismiss. At the time of writing in October 2021, there are five iMessage reactions: Loved, Liked, Disliked, Laughed at, Emphasized, and Questioned. When a text includes these keywords, we want MacroDroid to dismiss it.

Select “Contains” and then enter one of these five phrases in the text box. It’s important to include the quotation mark following the phrase. That’s what sets it apart from just a regular text including those phrases.

  • Liked “
  • Disliked “
  • Laughed at “
  • Emphasized “
  • Questioned “

Choose "Contains," enter the phrase, then tap "OK."

Repeat this until you have five actions, each with one of the phrases above. Give the macro a name and then tap the “+” button to save it.

Give the macro a name and save it.

That’s it! When this works, you usually won’t notice anything. The notifications are dismissed before you can see them. Occasionally, one may take a second to be dismissed, but it’s usually super quick and you’ll never notice a thing.

These messages will still appear in the text conversations, of course. You just won’t be getting bothered by the notifications for them.

Now, fix your iMessage problems, Apple. It shouldn’t be this difficult.

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