As great as Google Maps is, it’s not infallible. New places and roads are popping up all the time, and sometimes they get overlooked. You can help Google Maps and the community by drawing missing roads yourself.

Just like adding a missing place, anyone can draw missing roads on the map, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be accepted. Google will verify that your addition is correct before making it public. Let’s get started.

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You can add a place using a web browser on your Windows PC, Mac, and Linux computer. Go to the Google Maps website to begin.

google maps website

Click the hamburger menu icon in the search box.

open the menu

Select “Edit the Map” from the sidebar.

Select "Edit the Map."

Next, select “Add or Fix a Road.”

Select "Add or Fix a Road."

Use your mouse to move the map around and click “Add a Road” when you’ve found the place.

First, enter the name of the missing road and select the type of road.

Enter the name of the missing road and select the type of road.

Then click along the route to draw the road. When you’re done, select “Review & Submit.”

Draw the road and select "Review & Submit."

Select “Submit” to confirm your addition.

Select "Submit."

That’s all there is to it! Google is—rightfully so—very protective of its map data, so don’t be surprised if your addition is rejected. Don’t try adding roads all willy nilly.

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