Fixture S1 controller mount for Nintendo Switch

Do you struggle to play your Nintendo Switch in handheld mode? Perhaps the Joy-Cons are a bit small for your larger hands, or maybe you simply prefer the feel of a full-sized Switch Pro controller. A better experience is only one accessory away.

Get Yourself a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Nintendo’s Switch Pro controller is one of the most comfortable full-sized game controllers on the market today. It features the same “HD Rumble” haptic feedback found in the Joy-Con with full-sized analog sticks, spaced-out face buttons, and a proper D-pad.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

It’s the best way to play most Switch games that don’t rely solely on motion controls or weird gimmicks like the infrared sensor. You can charge it with any old USB-C cable, and the battery lasts forever compared to rival controllers from the likes of Sony.

The Pro controller is worth the price of admission, especially if you routinely play games in docked mode. You can always play games on your Switch using a Pro controller and the stand on your console, but this feels like a very limited use case scenario (it doesn’t work well on a bus, plane, or anywhere you don’t have a stable surface).

But if you have passed on the Pro controller because you mostly play your console in handheld mode, it might be time to re-evaluate that decision.

Clip Your Switch to Your Controller with a Fixture S1

The Fixture S1 is the original Switch controller mount, though many imitations now exist. With this accessory, you can attach your Nintendo Switch console to your Pro controller and enjoy a better handheld experience wherever you go.

Fixture S1 controller mount for Nintendo Switch
Fixture Gaming

The S1 fits the original Nintendo Switch by fastening securely to the mount using the Joy-Con rail on either side of the display. As a result, the S1 isn’t compatible with the smaller Switch Lite console (which doesn’t have removable Joy-Con).

The mount is fully adjustable and allows you to balance the weight of the console directly over your hands for a more stable playing experience. It’s a bit different to playing your Switch in handheld mode with the Joy-Con, but if you’ve used a similar controller clip with an Xbox or PlayStation controller then you’ll know what to expect.

You can buy the Fixture S1 on its own or in a bundle with a carrying case which is useful since the Pro controller does introduce some additional heft to your portable setup. You can also buy the case separately if you missed out.

More Joy-Con Replacements

The Fixture S1 can replace your Joy-Con in most instances, except where you might need a physical controller to wave around. If you’d rather stick to the traditional Switch form factor and instead replace the Joy-Con, that’s an option too.

Check our Review Geek’s top Joy-Con replacements for usability, battery life, and extra features.

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