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When you collaborate on a document, it’s important to see what changes. In Google Docs, one way to do this is to review the version history. But for Google business users, there’s a quicker way to see specific content changes.

How the Show Editors Feature Works

This handy feature is called Show Editors and with it, you can see who changed certain content in Google Docs and when that change was made. Plus, you can view everyone who edited that particular content.

The benefit to the Show Editors feature is that you don’t have to fish through the version history to see when changes were made or by whom. This is especially useful for edits to individual words or even characters.

Note: As of September 2021, you’ll need a Google Workspace plan to use the feature. This includes Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, and Education Plus.

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How to Show Editors in Google Docs

Open your document in Google Docs and select the content you want to check. As examples, you can select a word by double-clicking it, a phrase by dragging your cursor through it, or an image by simply clicking it.

With the content selected, right-click and choose “Show Editors” from the shortcut menu.

You’ll see a small pop-up window display with the name of the user who changed that content and the date and time they did so.

Editor name, date, and time

Click “Show More” in that pop-up window to see if anyone else changed that content.

This shows all edits with the names, dates, and times.

More editor names, dates, and times

If you want the details on those edits, you can click “See Version History” in the small window. This opens the Version History sidebar.

Select the date and time and you’ll see color-coding for each person and their corresponding changes in the document.

Color-coded version history

For a simple way to see document edits without spending time reviewing the version history, remember this convenient feature when sharing in Google Docs.

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