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Google just had its Search On event, and the company announced some significant changes that’ll alter the way you find information on the internet. Specifically, Google is looking to help you evaluate the sources from which you receive information.

How Search Will Help With Vetting Sources

Google focused its Search On event around the way it surfaces information about the sources you’re reading. It’s expanding on its “About This Result” feature with even more details on a website.

Initially, the feature showed you when the site was first indexed, whether your connection to it was secure, and a description from Wikipedia. With the update, you’ll now see the site’s description in its own words. You’ll also see what others are saying about a website through reviews and news stories about it.

If Google doesn’t have more information about a source, it’ll let you know that, too.

You can also click “About the topic” to learn more about it through news coverage and results about the same subject from other places.

These new features will roll out in a few weeks, so you won’t have to wait too long to improve the information you find on Google Search.

Sometimes, The Answer Is Nothing

In some cases, the information you want isn’t available at that exact moment. News and information can develop quickly. Google will show you a notice recommending that you check back later or try another search when information about a topic isn’t known because it’s still developing.

While Google has been a great place to find things on the web for a long time, the latest updates are designed to make sure that the information you find is accurate, and that’s just as important.

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