Windows 11 paint app

We got our first look at Microsoft’s new Paint app in Windows 11 back in August, and now you can try it for yourself if you’re a Windows Insider on the Dev channel. If you don’t want to run the Windows 11 beta, you can check out some app screenshots.

Windows 11’s New Paint App

Microsoft calls the new Paint app in Windows 11 a “modern spin on the classic app.” It features a cleaner interface that perfectly matches the overall look and feel of Windows 11. That means it includes rounded corners, Mica, and all of the other Windows 11 design sensibilities.

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Windows 11 Paint app brushes

You’ll notice the simplified toolbar on the top of the window. It has new icon designs and drop-down menus with all of the tools. You’ll find all of the brushes, stroke size adjustments, and the option to flip and rotate images there.

Windows 11 Paint app text

Windows 11’s Paint app also includes a new text tool that looks quite solid. Of course, it’s not a robust as the text tools offered by something like Photoshop, but it does look like it’ll handle basic text tasks well enough.

The Future of the Paint App

In addition to releasing the Paint app to the Dev channel, Microsoft talked about future updates. The company said it plans to listen to user feedback by adding a dark theme, a centered canvas, and updated dialogs. It didn’t say when these features would be added, but they sound like promising changes that’ll make Paint even better.

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