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It’s hard enough to keep up with our own schedules much less anyone else’s. If you use Google Calendar for business, you can keep your coworkers and team in-the-know about when you’re working and from where.

Note: As of September 2021, you’ll need a Google Workspace plan to use the feature. This includes Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Plus, Nonprofits, and G Suite Business.

Open the Work Hours and Location Settings

To start, you’ll open this section in the Settings. So, head to Google Calendar on the web and sign in. On the top right, click the gear icon and choose “Settings.”

Expand General on the top left and select “Working Hours & Location.”

Choose Working Hours and Location under General

Set Your Work Hours in Google Calendar

Click the checkbox next to Enable Working Hours. Then below, click each day of the week you’re planning to work.

Enable and add your work hours per day

After that, enter a start and end time for each of those days. You can use the Copy to All link if you want to use the same work hours for each day.

Add Another Work Period

A great feature of the work hours is that you can set up additional work periods for a day. So if you work a few hours in the morning and then a few more in the evening, you can set that up.

Click the plus sign (+) to the right of the day to display another time period.

Select the start and end times for that period. You can add as many time periods for a day as you like, just use the plus sign to set up more.

Enter the hours for the time period

If you need to remove a time period for a day, just click the minus sign to the right of it.

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Set Your Work Location in Google Calendar

You can set up a location for each day of the week that you work just as easily. Check the box for Enable Working Location in that same area of the Settings.

Then below, click each day of the week you’re planning to work. After that, select a location for every day from the drop-down box.

Enable and add your work location

If you choose “Somewhere Else” you can enter a custom location in the pop-up window. This is handy for those one-off occasions when you’re working from a coffee shop, your in-law’s house, or on a business trip.

Use Somewhere Else for a custom location

Change Your Location on the Calendar

When you add the location where you’ll be working, it will display on your Google Calendar. You’ll see the location below or next to the date in all calendar views except year.

Working locations on Google Calendar

If you need to change a location for a single day, for example, maybe you’re working from home instead of the office one day, this is easy. Hover your cursor over the location and it’ll display “Change Location.” Click and then choose the new location for that day.

Change a location on Google Calendar

Use Both Work Hours and Location

As mentioned, you can use both work hours and location or just one or the other. To use both, just check both boxes to enable them. You can then adjust the days, hours, time periods, and locations for the days as needed.

Use both working hours and location

Keep everyone in the loop so when it’s time for a meeting, one-on-one, or brainstorming session, your team will know if you’re available or if a different time is better.

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