Dropbox Capture

Dropbox is moving further away from just being a cloud storage service. The company has announced a bunch of new collaboration features that aren’t simply about storing files. There’s a new screen recorder, a video collaboration tool, and more.

Dropbox’s New Collaboration Features

Dropbox started as a cloud storage service. In fact, it’s one of the services that put cloud storage on the map. But with users looking for more from their apps, Dropbox is adding a bunch of new tools that make remote collaboration more enjoyable.

First, a new feature called Dropbox Capture allows you to record your screen, create GIFs, and take screenshots. Dropbox Capture is in beta right now for personal and business plans, so you can give it a try and see if it’s worthy of replacing your current screen capture tool.

The company is also rolling out a tool called Dropbox Replay, which is designed to make it easier to collect, manage, and respond to feedback for videos. It lets you leave frame-by-frame feedback on a video, which is critical for getting the right shot. If you and your team do a lot of video work, this tool could come in handy. Unfortunately, this tool isn’t out yet, but Dropbox says it’ll enter beta soon.

Another new feature is Dropbox Shop, and it lets you sell digital content creations you have stored in Dropbox. Again, the beta isn’t out yet, but it’ll be available soon.

More New Dropbox Features

Dropbox says it will bring more new features to its users. “We will continue supporting our customers by building even more dynamic experiences that connect all of their content to their workflows,” the company said.

It’ll be interesting to see what Dropbox adds in the future, as the service has come a long way from simply being a place to store files in the cloud.

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