Wendy's phone

When it comes to social media, Wendy’s is one of the companies that always finds a way to make us laugh. Now, Wendy’s Canada has decided to surprise us all by announcing a Wendy’s phone and it’s just as dumb as it sounds.

Wendy’s New Phone

If you want to get your hands on a Wendy’s phone, you’ll need to get lucky, as the company is giving the devices away in a contest. You’ll need to download the Wendy’s app, screenshot your favorite order (spicy nuggets FTW), and then tweet it with the hashtag #WendysPhone and #Contest.

Unfortunately, you must live in Canada to enter. There will be a total of 20 phones given away over a 20-day span, so you can keep entering every day if the idea of Wendy’s phone tickles your fancy.

The phone itself comes with its own Assistant, which you can call up by saying “Hey Wendy.” The phone’s cameras have “more megapixels than the Baconator has bacon.” It’s a triple-camera system, though the company didn’t get too specific. There’s a 6.4-inch screen HD+ screen and a rear fingerprint scanner.

That’s about all we know about the phone’s specs, but if you’re legitimately interested in owning a Wendy’s phone, you probably don’t care about the actual power under-the-hood.

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Here’s a brief bit of info about the device from Wendy’s. The company clearly takes its phone very seriously:

The Wendy’s phone features an integrated GPS navigation system, to Wendy’s, as well as ample battery life to watch Wendy’s ads, order Wendy’s and watch videos while eating Wendy’s. No additional subscription required. Just add your sim card with your active wireless plan and you’re good.

Wendy’s posted a brief frequently asked questions section about its phone, and the company makes sure to remind us that, yes, this is a phone. For the question, “Can it make calls,” Wendy’s says “Yes, it’s a phone.” The company gives a similar answer regarding texts.

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Do You Want a Wendy’s Phone!

This is clearly a marketing move by Wendy’s designed to draw attention, but it’s clearly working because here we are talking about it.

Either way, the winners are going to get a free phone, so that’s a positive. Whether that person actually wants to own a mobile Wendy’s ad is up to them to decide, though.

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