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Discord was initially designed as a place for gamers to get together and use voice chat. The service is constantly getting new features, and a new batch is coming that’ll you schedule events on a server and change your profile for each server you’re on.

According to The Verge, the chat app is getting a new scheduled events feature that allows you to create an event and share it with a server, much like a Facebook event. Personally, I use Discord for remote Dungeons & Dragons games, so having the ability to create events for upcoming games sounds like a remarkable feature for ensuring everyone knows when the next games are scheduled.

With the new feature, guests can RSVP through Discord and receive a notification when the event starts, eliminating any excuses for forgetting about the next big game night.

Additionally, Discord is rolling out a feature for Nitro users that’ll let them custom avatars for different servers. So, going back to the D&D example, you could use your character’s photo in a server dedicated to the D&D game and your real photo in other servers. Previously, you would have to change your avatar each time you changed servers, which was quite a pain.

As mentioned, this was first reported by The Verge, but Discord hasn’t officially announced the new features yet. We reached out to Discord for comment but haven’t received a response as of this writing.

Update, 9/27/21: We’ve received confirmation from Discord that these features are coming. Server profiles are following out starting today. Scheduled events will start rolling out on September 28, 2021 and will be fully available in the next two weeks.
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