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Microsoft is constantly adding new features to Edge. Today, the company announced lots of new stuff coming to its browser, including features designed to help with online shopping and tab groups.

Edge’s New Shopping Features

If you click the blue tag in the search bar in Edge, you can instantly access reviews of products, which will help you decide whether you want to purchase something. Sure, you could turn to Google (or Bing) to find reviews, but Microsoft is making it, so this functionality comes at the browser level.

Microsoft also added a feature to Edge that’ll make it so you can check out more quickly with a feature that’ll save your information.

Of course, some users won’t like these features and will be looking to disable them, as they did with Edge’s deal-finding feature.

For traveling, Edge is also getting a feature that’ll show you information about a place when you’re looking for trip information on it. If you were looking at trips to Las Vegas, Edge would pop a notification that’ll show you things to do there.

Other New Edge Features

Microsoft also announced that tab groups are making their way to Edge, which is a welcomed addition. You can save groups of tabs and come back to them at any time. This was announced a little while ago, but it’s finally here.

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