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When a slide contains both text and images, you may want to wrap the text around those images to improve the readability and overall aesthetics of the slide. Here’s what you need to do.

Unlike Google Docs or Microsoft Word, which have built-in text wrap options, you’ll need to make use of a small workaround to wrap text around your image in Google Slides. For this to work, you’re actually going to have to rearrange the positions of your text boxes.

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How to Wrap Text in Google Slides Presentations

To get started, open your Google Slides presentation and then navigate to the slide that contains the image and text you’ll be working with. If you haven’t already inserted your image, click Insert > Image, and then choose the location of the photo. If you don’t already have text in your slide, you can add a text box via Insert > Text box.

When everything is on the slide, it may look something like this:

A text box to the right of an image in a Google Slides slide.

The issue is that all of the text to the right of the image is in a single text box. In this case, you won’t be able to put the last paragraph of text under the image, giving it the illusion of text wrapping, while it’s still in that same text box. The solution here is to simply add a new text box, copy and paste the bottom paragraph in the new text box, and then position it so that it has the appearance of wrapping around the image.

To copy the text to your clipboard, click and drag your cursor over the text to select it, and then press Ctrl+C (Command+C on Mac). Text is highlighted in blue when selected.

Select the text to copy.

Next, insert a new text box by clicking “Insert” in the menu bar and clicking “Text Box” in the drop-down menu.

Your cursor will turn into crosshairs once selected. Draw the text box on the slide by clicking and dragging your cursor.

Next, press Ctrl+V (Command+V on Mac) to paste the text. Be sure to delete the text you copied and pasted over from the other text box.

Now you may have something that looks like this:

Two text boxes and an image on a Google Slides slide.

The next step is to adjust the bottom text box to align with both the left side of the image and the right side of the right text box. Click the text box to select it, and then click and drag the handles to adjust it.

After some fine-tuning, you’ll be able to make your text wrap around the image, just as if you were using a built-in tool.

Text wrapped around an image in Google Slides.

While this may seem like an awkward workaround for wrapping text around images, this actually just takes advantage of some of the most basic functions of Google Slides. Keep learning these basics and you’ll eventually become a master of creating professional-looking presentations.

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