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Ask the Readers: Do You Pay Your Bills Online?

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Electronic payment is quick, paperless, and easy to keep track of. Have you ditched traditional paper bill payment for online payments?

The woes of the Postal Service have been all over the news lately. Among their many ailments is the massive migration from paper bills to electronic bills.

Are you part of the migration? Do you pay your bills online? If so, is it a strict interaction between you and the company in question or do you use some sort of bill manager through your bank or another third party? We want to hear all about it in the comments below.

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  • Published 09/28/11

Comments (106)

  1. notovny

    I pay all my bills online. If the bill requires a check being mailed, then I use my bank’s bill-paying service to do so. As it is, only my rent requires that at this point.

  2. Jeff Hastings

    I pay all my bills through PNC online bill pay. It’s really easy to use, and I have my bills delivered directly to my account. This saves me from having to log in to each individual account to view my statement. I will never go back to paper billing.

  3. Kodess

    Excuse me? How I pay bills?
    I transfer the money from my account to theirs, and in the description I put the Identification Number they requested.

    This is the 21st century, this is the way we pay bills for more than 10 years now.

    Another possibility, for example the ISP, is that they take the money off of my account every month. No need for me to get in between, its always the same price.

  4. cheeser83

    I pay all of our bills online through our bank’s bill pay service. All but one: water bill. City hall is right down the block from our house and I just drop it off on my way to work.

  5. infmom

    We don’t pay bills online, for the most part, because we like having a paper record. Yeah, we’re old. The ones that are the same amount every month get paid automatically by the bank.

  6. dima

    I pay all bills online, except electricity and rent

  7. The Panda

    I won’t use a company or service that doesn’t allow paying bills online. There are some out there that still don’t offer this payment option so I don’t use them.

    99% of my bills I get an email notification from them saying the bill can be viewed online. I match this up against a schedule I have in Outlook that shows what bills are due and when. I started doing this after my ISP didn’t email me (or I didn’t receive ….) then threatened disconnection after payment wasn’t made.

    I won’t agree to a Direct Debit. Too many nightmare stories about them not cancelling it in a timely manner.

  8. Saman

    always and all of them!

  9. Antje

    I leave one utility and one bank account on paper, and my council tax bill on paper, so that I have a proof of address.

  10. Laurel

    Online! I maybe have to mail out a bill (usually doctor) every so often. I either pay directly on the company’s website or use my bill pay from my bank. No mess, no hassle, save stamp money! And I have never had someone come back to say they did not receive my payment :)

  11. DarkStar57

    I pay all my bills except rent online through my bank. My landlord still lives in the 20th century. I honestly don’t know how I did w/o online bill pay. I still do not trust direct pay or auto pay I am just to much of a control freak.

  12. Howard

    I try to pay all my bills online as I hate preparing paper to do it …. check and eenvelope.

    I do purchase anything for this tho… I relyu on waht’s vavailable to me.

  13. Dave

    I pay all the bills I can (phone, cell, dish, trash, gym, doctor, dentist, car & home insurance & more) by credit card. I also use credit cards for almost all shopping. I then pay the CARDS online, in full every month. Going to the Caymans in the winter with some of the miles earned, get a nice check from my Costco Amex every year too. I have most bills automatically charged to a card, but I would NEVER agree to an automatic debit–too much risk. My electricity bill I have to pay online by direct payment from my checking account, but I do it manually every month. The only check I have to regularly write is to my propane service–it’s a good, small-town operation and I like it despite its being a bit behind convenience-wise, and often I can hand the man a check when he’s here.

  14. Jennifer

    I do all my banking online. I would hate to have to go back to mailing checks.

  15. Dale

    I pay all the bills I can online directly with the individual merchants’ pay site. The only one I still routinely pay via “snail mail” is the utility bill because they refuse to send a paper invoice if you pay online! I will not elect to receive electronic invoices only, but insist on a “snail mail” invoice to ensure the bill can be paid in case I am unavailable–my spouse is not comfortable with EFT processing and most merchants don’t offer the option to send invoices to multiple email addresses. Sending the invoice to my email address only would mean it would not get noticed by my spouse if I was not available.

  16. Biu

    I pay almost all my bills through internet banking.
    I have a virtual machine with Linux Mint on it. When I need to pay some bill, I start the VM and do the payment. I fell more secure running a VM with Linux.

  17. DiAnne

    I’ve been paying my bills on line since the late 1990s (back then, I had to pay a fee for it, but it was still cheaper than stamps).

    Now that I have a rewards credit card that gives 1% to 5% back, I try to pay as many bills as I can through that card…but then I add the amount of each of those bills to my online payment to the credit card so I don’t lose my “reward” in the form of paying more interest. I now pay the credit card weekly (my monthly goal is to keep it as close to $0 as I can).

    The best benefit of the online payment (either through bank or individual accounts) is that I don’t forget to pay bills anymore and never get hit with late fees.

  18. Maxwell

    yes all my bills are on CCAutopay. and i keep up with them via the self service options many companies provide. I had to write out the first check i’ve written in years to my father the other day… it was like the equivalent of him trying surf the web…… “where do i type the web address?” “which white bar at the top? there are 2 of them!” and i was asking like “i sign where? there are 2 lines here…”

  19. Hank

    The only checks that I write are the tithing that I pay to the church. Everything else is Paid online.

  20. Wayne

    I haven’t wrote a check since 2007. All my bills are paid online. Most of my bills are paid through my Rewards credit card and then I just pay it off every month. A few providers don’t accept credit cards online so they are set up in my bank’s Bill Pay options. My bank will send a paper check if they don’t accept online billing like the gardener and landlord. I even pay my kids their allowance and other money online by transferring the funds into their student accounts. They each have their own debit cards and we never even ordered checks for their accounts.

  21. nt0xik8ed

    i pay all mine online and most are set up for auto pay. i even ordered stamps online for the few checks a year i do send out.

  22. Sue

    The ability to pay bills online has been a godsend to me. I’ve struggled with worsening hand tremors, and attempting to write out monthly checks was becoming a real challenge. I still get each bill sent to my address so that I can peruse all the details. But now I can sigh with relief, when with a few mouse and keyboard clicks, my bills will be payed instantly through my online bank. The only checks I write out now are for my taxes, and that’s only 3 times a year.

  23. lars johnson

    I pay my bills online and have been doing so for about three years. I pay through Chase Bank and directly whichever works best. I hate paper and checks. Before I use a check I use an e-che3ck or a credit card. I like instant transactions so i know how much money I have in my checking account at any instant. Lars

  24. Maggy Stricker

    No more forgetting to pay bills or late fees or running out of stamps or lost paper, which I could make a good living at if there was a need for that skill.

    I’ve been paying my bills online since the 1990s when I first found out about it. The banks charged a fee at the time, but it was worth not having to worry all the time. Now I set it and forget it. I will only go back to paper checks if the web dies or they dis-invent electricity.

  25. Linda

    I’ve never paid a bill in any manner *but* online, wich I’ve done for ten years now.
    I ‘manually’ pay about half of them myself, rest I have set on autogiro (the amount is automatically transfered from my account at the last payment day, the amount is reserved on my account for a short while before that).

    Seeing my american fiancé dealing with a mix of various online payment systems for different bills and a dash of antiquated cheques in addition, I can’t help being gratefull to not have to suffer through that.

  26. Sixcare

    I pay all of my bills online!

  27. abc

    test it

  28. cholleti


    i pay bill every time through online only i didn’t find any errors and i have found two and the trhird party have returned my payment back and that is an good idea.

  29. Nicholas Scott@Newswire release

    Whether you bank at Standard Bank or not, you can make your payment at any Standard Bank branch. Simply fill out the deposit slip incorporated on your bill, and take it to your nearest Standard Bank branch. Once you have finalized your payment please keep your deposit slip for your records.

  30. btlgrad

    I pay all bills online through my credit union. If a check needs to be sent the bill payment service will send it. I’ve been doing this for almost 10 years and it’s free. Unfortunately not all credit union bill payment services are free. Bill payment services at another credit union I do business with charge a fee for their service. Shop around.

  31. Jeff

    Direct bank transfer or Direct Debit where possible. BPay elsewhere. Saves time and as stated in article, a Lot easier to track.

  32. nanos

    Its something that really buffled me when I arrived in the UK two years ago: They really still have cheques here! At first I thought it was a joke. In Germany I have never ever used a cheque in my life and haven’t seen one for about a decade. They simply don’t exist anymore.
    When I first got one a while ago I didn’t even know what to do with it: Had to ask my friend for advice …
    Bottomline: yes, I’m paying my bills online, and really can’t understand how anyone can still use cheques in the 21st century…

  33. pizzabandit

    I pay everything online. For most of my bills I go directly to their website and pay them. I do refuse to setup automatic payments though, I have had bad experiences with this going wrong. I prefer to manually initiate the payments.
    For the few that do not have the setup for online payments, I use my banks online bill pay service to mail them a check. I haven’t used paper checks in years. Sorry USPS :(

  34. Lady Fitzgerald

    I’ve been setup to pay most of my bills through automatic deduction from a dedicated acount at my credit union since the ’90s. I don’t use the credit union’s bill pay service because it requires that interact with them every month for each bill. Because of my ADD, automation is a Godsend. I also prefer the paperless statements. I pay my annual homeowner’s insurance and property tax bill online using thier third party services which use virtual checks (no fee that way). My combined rent/utilities bill I have to pay by check which I drop off when I drive by the office.

  35. kell

    I receive paper bills because I want a record, but I pay everything online. Either with autopay, through my bank, or by going to the website and paying.

  36. Glenn

    We pay all of our bills through bill pay or as an ACH transaction. Have been doing so for over 10 years now.

  37. Hisa

    I pay online with my bank. Free billpay is a godsend sometimes! But I don’t do electronic statements. I am a fan of a paper trail. I like to know that if my bank or any other company loses my information that I can prove what I did and did not do. Convenience is great, but being able to touch your finances in the real sense gives a sense of control that I just can’t quite give up yet.

  38. Jim

    Receive bill in mail, then pay on-line. Hey we are doing our part to prevent the total collapse of the USPS :)

  39. Richard

    I pay all of our bills online through our bank’s bill pay service. Just about all are paid this way and then I d/l the transactions which reference numbers into Quicken. Takes me just a few minutes, easy no stamps, no mailing and after 15 years rarely have I had any problems.

  40. John

    I pay all my bills on line. Whatever isn’t paid on line is done by direct withdrawal every month. I forget what stamp glue tastes like. ;-)

  41. Amber

    I have opted out of paper bills, and I pay my bills online. Something about auto bill pay bothers me, so I visit most websites to pay. CPI and Netflix are the only two companies that are set to autodraft from my bank.

    Also, while I lived in an apartment (up until June of this year) I payed rent by walking a check to the office – to pay online I would have been charged a fee, so I opted out of fees. :)

  42. keith

    i have been using online services for 20 years. started with ‘checkfree’ now use my bank’s online features. someone doesn’t get the check, simply email the bank and they take care of it. in 20 yrs i have only had a handful of problems. i prefer electronic statements, save them as a pdf in a file folder and have that info available in an instant. it has come in handy several times when there may have been an issue with a merchandise charge or return.

  43. APseudonym

    I pay almost all online…much to the chagrin of USPS employees.

  44. john3347

    I pay all my repeating bills online. I still mail checks for one time, or very infrequent, bills such as multi-year magazine subscriptions.

    I NEVER allow a payee access to my bank account. I always work from the other end and tell my bank how much to send each payee (whether check or electronic transfer). If you allow a payee, particularly a utility company, to take what they claim they are entitled to each month, it is far more difficult to negotiate a disputed bill settlement in your favor if they have your money than if you still have it and they want it. Some utility companies walk a very narrow line bordering on fraud if they have easy access to your money.

  45. Lynn

    I’ve been paying all my bills online. I use my online banking bill pay service and have never had an issue. I receive a confirmation number for every transaction that I can record in case there is an issue. I can view my payment history, setup bills to be paid on a specific date in advance so that I don’t forget about them, set up recurring bill payments, etc. I also receive almost all of my bills (power, phone, MCRD, etc.) online, so no more paper to file!! After 10+ years of doing it this way I can’t imagine returning to the ‘old’ way of doing things.

  46. Alex

    I have been paying bills on line since it was possible to do so, first I use to transfer money from bank to merchants account, but now I use my Bank’s payer system that receives the bill and schedule it for payment automatically the only thing that I have to do is to make sure there is enough funds to cover my bills. With bounce protection I will not even need that in the future.

  47. Peggy

    Yes….absolutely! I’ve been doing it for about 5-6 years now. Can’t imagine how I survived before that.

  48. J Glenn

    EVERY bill I have is paid on-line. It is far safer, and faster, than sending a check. With a check, if the envelope is lost or stolen then the criminal has your bank number, routing number, address, and signature all in one neat little document. I hate checks. I also use my debit card for all transactions, no cash on person. In fact I wish they would do away with cash all together and go strictly electronic.

  49. Indy

    I pay by check whenever possible. For example. Sirius XM charges an exorbitant fee, but you can easily get 1 year discounts online. The problem is that when that 1 year is up, they will automatically charge you the full rate….and there have been customers that had a hard time trying to cancel their subscription.

    By paying with check, they send me an invoice and I send in the payment. This gives me control over the payments.

  50. Lloyd Kuhnle

    I have been paying 95% of my bills online for years. My statements are emailed to me. In the email, I just click on the link, and PAY NOW. The payment is then electronically taken from my checking account. I then get an email receipt. What could be easier.

    Besides the ease, I just don’t trust the mail anymore.

  51. rwilcher

    Yes I pay about 90% of my bills online. Also keep a record of the things I pay so I
    can prove that I have paid them. Doing this however warrents a heavy dose of
    paranoia. I do everything via a linux NAT wireless router. Of coarse it can be hacked
    as anything can. But it would require some work to do it. Bad guys are always watching.

  52. Tico Spender

    I have paid all the bills I can online – either automatically out of my checking account or against my debit/credit card with the bank (10 items/month and I earn 2.25% APY on the balance in my account); almost all purchases are on my credit card(s) and then the bill is paid electronically/automatically from my checking account. The only checks I write are to the gardener, the IRS and the state Franchise Tax Board. My bank writes a check to my house-cleaner.
    All payees send me an e-mail BEFORE the money is debited from my checking account so I know how much will be coming out at least 2 weeks in advance.

  53. Jack

    Reducing the number of bills first, then having the ‘standard’ bills paid automatically has helped. Some bills I still want the paper (it makes it easier to reconcile for me), even if I pay electronically.

    My bank and Discover both still want me to go ‘fully electronic’, but getting the paper statements from them are still important to me. I have need a few times a year to go back and find entries in the statements to help fix disputes. Paper still has a psychological effect on people, and provides a sense of permanency that sometimes helps people understand you aren’t faking the data.

    Some things I file electronically, like Federal Taxes, I also print out. Again, it is the sense of permanence even when they only need to be kept for 7 or so years.

  54. KB Prez

    I pay my bills online too. Saves on postage, but best part is I don’t have to worry about mailing a check with enough time so my payment isn’t late.

  55. Leo

    Yes. Writing checks is so old fashioned.

  56. Pegi

    Yes except for the lawn service.

  57. Hairy

    As long as the business accepts online payment,and isn’t a local business, I not only pay online, but also receive my bills online.Then I print out only the pertinent info for a receipt, and shrink it so as to save space on my printout copy.

  58. Charlie B

    Mostly use billpay. A couple that use direct debit (the newspaper and medicine provider).
    Checks only to immediate relatives because the checks go in with the greeting cards. I could send electronic cards but that is too tacky.

  59. McClain

    Yeah! Since first avaiable with BOA, no longer have a traditional checkbook

  60. Turbo

    Pay all bills online unless there is a charge. My electric company charges for this “convenience”. They get a check from the bank through online payments though. I currently write two checks per month to my church for a donation. Been this way for about four years now. I used to hate writing checks matching up payments stubs, preparing envelopes, etc. So much easier now.

  61. wildman2088

    all my bills I pay online but not on autopay i do one time only payments that way i see my bill before I pay it.

  62. Michael G

    For a very modest bank fee, I pay all of my bills online. Have had only one ot two hiccups (checks returned) mostly because of the payees mistake with the bank check. No errors on the electronic payments. I would pay more in stamps otherwise. Is there any other way!

  63. Delie B

    I have been paying my bills online for a couple of years now. The only check I still have to write is my rent check and that will be going online in Jan 2012. I have never had an error occur and I can schedule my payments monthly which is great.

  64. miki

    online bank transfer if available or postepay (italian recharge credit card)

  65. V J

    My house and insurance is auto pay via direct debit. The phones and cable are on auto pay via an American Express card. The water company charges a fee for electronic payment, so I send them a check. I refuse to pay a fee for something that benefits the vendor. PG&E doesn’t accept American Express for auto pay and I don’t trust them with direct debit, so I login in to their site and pay the bill with direct debit. I login to American Express each month and pay the balance on the credit cards. The only thing that gets a check is the yard service and housekeeping service. Even the pool service has started allowing payment via PayPal. I monitor my checking accounts and credit cards online weekly to make sure there isn’t any fraudulent activity. I also get my statements online. It is safer than having them setting in a mail box for someone to steal. I download my transactions into Quicken every few days which gives me another opportunity to make sure there isn’t any fraud going on. Before companies had their own websites that accepted payment, I used Wells Fargo’s original bill payment service. For those that were setup for it, Wells would send payments via ACH and checks to everyone else (that was back in the late 80’s). I much prefer submitting payment on a companies website. I trust computers with my financial info a lot more than I trust I bunch of clerks in an office with copy machines.

  66. Mark Grabowski

    From this “Geek” forum, most if not all responses will be that people pay online. Put this question in the Reader’s Digest & see what response you get.

  67. Emily

    I try to have as many bills as possible charge to a credit card. I use the Level Pay options from the Gas and Electric companies so that I pay the same amount every month. I have my credit cards pull the entire balance from my bank account every month.

    I use Quicken to manage all of my finances, it will auto-enter bills a week or so into my register so I can be sure I’ll have enough money to cover everything. I <3 paying bills online and I also <3 Quicken.

  68. Bob-El

    I’ve been paying my bills online via my bank account for about 15 years. Is there another way to pay bills?

  69. Nancy

    I have been auto-paying bills since you could do it on the phone by setting it up beforehand. That was before the internet was big and this became something banks do.

    Then I went to CheckFree which you paid for. Again setting it up beforehand.

    I have used Quicken for years and now that banks have it for free and creditors will let you pay online, there is little reason to write a check. However, I still keep a checkbook for such things as people you hire to contract around the house, my taxes and the dog trainer as they want a check and most don’t deal in cash.

    As others have mentioned, allowing direct debits is a no-no except for insurance companies in my case. They seem to be able to keep it straight.

  70. Moss

    Pay most online. Just venturing into e-bills instead of paper. Really hit home recently when I mailed a payment in plenty of time to get to the payee, but good old USPS delayed it to the point where it arrived late. Fortunately the payee was generous enough to reverse the late charge.

  71. James

    I pay all my bills and do all my banking online. It is ages since I darkened the doorstep of my bank?
    Even when traveling I find a laptop and mobile modem lets me pay or sort out my banking. Recently I had a purchase declined at a shopping centre. It was out to the carpark, out with the lappy and a quick bank account adjustment and then back to the shop to complete the purchase. As well, I file my payslips online and am paid online.

  72. Ezziej Bromwich

    I used to pay online with my debit/credit card. But then my bank account was hijacked twice. I did get my money back but they told me I should pay with a credit card only online so it can be traced or with the bank’s electronic payment. So I obtained the credit card but I can not talk myself into using it so I went with the bank’s electronic payment and only one company refused it this way because they charge for you paying the bill..ummm does sound fishy though!

  73. tommy2rs

    Yep, all bills paid online. Only thing I get in the mail anymore is catalogs, local foodstore ads and the infrequent order that isn’t worth spending extra for Buster Brown or FedEx. The sooner the USPS becomes a rancid footnote in history the better.

  74. Suzette

    Oh definitely I pay them all online. I let the bank deal with the stamp and envelope if it’s needed. I had one health provider for a while who insisted on a check in the mail along with a card. Drove me nuts. Thankfully I moved to another one. I even get most of my bills through email now. Heck, saves a ton of paper and it’s easier to deal with. About the only thing I get through the mail much any more is junk.

    To the person using the debit card. NEVER NEVER use a debit card to pay online. Always use a credit card. You have more recourse if there is a problem and they can’t steal your money. I use AMEX wherever I can then I pay it online. It’s terrific.

  75. Harry

    All of my biols are paid by diect debit. Only my doctors bills have to be paid by going to their website. No bills in thhe mailbox and the money stays in my account until the day it is due. I get email notices and can view the bills via email. I still keep a checkbook and stamps but rarely use them!

  76. Ferne

    Yep, been pay all my bills on line for years. However, lately, I have been hearing the banks are considering charging for on line bill pay. If that is the case I may go back to the old writing a check.

  77. paleolith

    I use on-line banking to pay my bills using a live Linux USB boot disk. I pay my credit cards on-line using a live Linux USB boot disk. I used Unetbootin to create the live Linux stick drive. Refracted through my prism, executing financial transactions using Windows is insanity.

  78. wflawyer

    I use Quicken online bill pay through Bank of America for about 95% of all bills. Cleaning lady still gets a paper check. I still like to get the paper invoice. I will not print an electronic notice of payment due.

  79. Anonymous

    NO WAY! I do not pay via online methods. I never have and probably never will. And it’s not that I don’t trust the financial institutions or the entities that I regularly pay money to either (OK, maybe a little). It’s me! And it’s not that I don’t trust myself or anything either – it’s the Internet and my computer!!!

    Just for starters, has anyone heard of “super cookies”? I mean, with Adobe finding new security problems on a near hourly basis with their Flash plugin and PDF Reader (items that might as well be digital “crack”!), there’s good reason to avoid sensitive transactions online.

    If that isn’t enough then how about “man in the middle” attacks or even just plain old “packet sniffing”? You might even think that packet sniffers were limited to WiFi too. But think again! (Should I go into Java scripts, data mining or online “tracking”?!)

    I believe there was even a story not too long ago where it was reported that SSL had finally been cracked too. That story was like a shot across the bow warning us once again to not trust online transactions. But if you insist on using it then you should at least demand secure pathways like a dial-up phone number for final payment confirmation or at least a VPN connection. Anything less is really just throwing caution to the wind – and killing the economy.

    Speaking of which, think about this! When you avoid online purchases and other online commerce you help keep several other people employed. Your local bank teller and USPS postal worker are just two jobs you can save when you avoid online financial transactions. I won’t even point out the truck drivers or any of the business they patronize when your mail is physically moved. Suffice it to say that when you avoid online payments you help save jobs!

    So when you next complain about disappearing jobs and the rotten economy, you might want to first look at that glowing box you’re staring at RIGHT NOW! And ask yourself if you’re contributing to the problem or not by using it.

  80. Keith Bartlett

    You are never going to get a true feel for paper invoices from asking this question as the target audience is in the title “How To Geek” the readers are already computer literate and more likely to do things online.
    Me I request a combination of both paper is more tactile and easier to peruse as I sit on an evening.

  81. Rob

    Love getting bills in the mail, I can easily store and organize them. Online bills becomes difficult to manage over the years when you get a new computer and have to transfer files. Now my smart phone accesses this stuff, but I know where the hard copy is!

    I love paying bills online. I expect some companies will begin charging for online bill pay, and I will go back to the mail if that comes about. One thing I like about the postal system, there is no monthly DSL bill, only the cost of each stamp.

  82. Ed McDowell

    I’m guilty of the USPS demise as I pay all bills possible through a bill pay service. Regular contributions to non-profits are made with recurring credit card payments. Safer, easier to track, and less human error involvement.

  83. Bob

    I use online banking for ALL my bill payments, including Taxes and transferring money to accounts in other banks. It saves me a lot of hassles. I’d recommend online bill payment to anyone. If you think paying bills online is hard or unsafe, then relax. I have been using this facility for over 10 years at multiple banks. Never had I any security problems. Many banks offer 100% compensation in case there is loss due to Internet fraud. And the learning curve is minimal. It’s only 3 steps: Select the payee, enter the amount and enter the date you want the bill to be paid. If you are like me, as soon as you receive the bill, you enter it to the online billing. It will pay automatically on the date you specify. You can even specify repeat-payments, your bill then gets paid every month on time. I used to miss bill payments but not anymore.

  84. StevenTorrey

    My bank keep asking me to cancel my paper account. But I like that paper record. I save every receipt that is given to me. At the end of the month, when the bank statement comes in the mail, I can place those receipts into the bank statement envelope–every receipt gets saved for the month in one envelope. Simple as that. On line banking is convenient, fast, efficient. But mistakes do happen in cyberspace. The cyber bill doesn’t show up for some mysterious reason, so that paper reminder is crucial. When speaking to service people, having that paper bill is helpful. For some reason, one crucial bill hasn’t shown up on my computer now for almost a year, neither a paper bill delivered, despite calls to the company; still no solution. So the whole process is a lot more iffier than it looks and having that paper record delivered gives a level of confidence re confirmation of banking transactions on the computer.

  85. Bob

    I see that some of us are very weary about online banking security. But I have not yet heard any solid case where such problem caused any losses. I am not ruling out the possibility. But to me the risk is minimal vs benefits. I have used online bill payment services for over 10 years at several banks. Never did I have any security problem. And the banks are coming out with increased ways for protections. Perhaps it is more of a threat in theory? Besides nowadays many large banks offer 100% money back guarantee in case of any loss. Do not let a great new tool slip by just because of perceived problems.

  86. Douglas Pierre

    I pay all my bills on line. Most are paid thru 3rd parties such as Bank of America or VISA Amazon Rewards card. I pay a few with direct transfer to the merchant.

  87. Lupo

    All my banking is done online. It is very rare that I write a check now a days. The convenious of scheduling a payment and forgetting it is great. No longer do I have to hurry and get home from a vacation to go through the mail to see what bills are due. I do not use any 3rd parties in paying bills. I just feel that the less I put out my information the less chance of someone stealing my Identity.

  88. Pegi

    Update: I pay several things online directly through their websites using my debit card but due to Bank of America’s new policy (starting next year)of charging $5/month when using your debit card, I will be making some changes…perhaps electronic checks instead. I’m close to changing banks after 33 years since I totally oppose this charge. I plan to continue paying bills online.

  89. Pat Schisler

    I pay everything but rent, natural gas and electric bills on line. Gas and Electric companies charge $3.95 per transaction by payments made by internet or telephone.

  90. Lizard Earnest

    I definitely pay everything I can online. However, I only pay through my bank’s service. You have more control over the whole process and everything can be monitored from one website. Theoretically I could even pay my rent that way but since I only pay half, I give my check together with my husband’s.

  91. Phytergator

    I’m over 70 and I’ve been paying all my bills online for at least the last 10 years, with never a problem whether by credit card or electronic bank transfer.

  92. Ronald

    I never pay bills on line. When you have to prove anything., it is harder.
    Paper is better. Thats where the pen is mighter then the hand comes from “lol”
    I opened a pay pal acc. with my Visa. I use my pay pal to pay for things on line then pay them with Visa..
    It is much safer.
    If you pay bills on line use a differnt computer. One just to pay bills only. Its Safer and easer to find your proff.

  93. jewatsos

    OH YEAH!!!!

  94. Ozzy

    I’ve been paying my bills online for a long time (oddly with the exception of my water bill which won’t do online payments!). It is just so much easier and more convenient. I don’t have to remember to go to the post office or the bank. I just fire up the PC and job done!!!

  95. Jeremy

    I’ve been paying bills online through my bank for years. So far so good. Knock on wood. Most banks allow you to set up billing through your account and they direct it to the company you are paying. This way the bank tracks it and you get a copy of confirmation numbers, and where it went. But to allow companies direct access to your bank account to pay a bill when they want, no way! Did it once with my car insurance, and will never do it again.

  96. Keith

    I have used bill pay ever since it has become available (5+ years)…It is fast and sasy and I have never had a payment misdirected. Some bills I pay from my bank while others are paid through the vendor’s links. I used to buy stamps and stuff envelopes and use maybe 20 stamps in a month. This was expensive and time consuming!

  97. CAfromCA

    When I started using my current cheaper storage unit and had to write a check I almost couldn’t remember how to do it. I also seem to have to write checks from my HSA which is overcontrolled. Landlord for some reason only takes cash and gas is cheaper with cash. Beyond that I am fully electronic. Don’t like autopay unless forced though. I keep all my receipts and confirmations, but I keep them as electronic records. I start with paper statements, but if the electronic statements are as complete, I switch to paperless. I have never had a problem resolving any issue because I didn’t have a piece of paper. I do agree that the audience here is biased. At my company which wholesales gardening equipment to retail store owners, we have several customers who don’t pay until they see the paper invoice. Until recently we had a few trying to operate without computers, but we tend not to take them on any more. When end users contact us it is another thing. Most email. Some can only phone. And every blue moon I still receive a handwritten letter and have to make a plan of what to do with it.

  98. Steve

    I pay ALL of my bills online through my bank. ALL of them. I have been doing this since the mid 90’s.

  99. Gary

    I have used FREE automatic drafts from my Credit Union Account for years. It is automatic, FREE, and hassle free. All I have to do is check online to make sure I can cover my Credit Card Payment, which I pay in full. My reminders for that are on Google Calendar.

  100. Samuel engelman

    I can’t believe there isn’t even one mention of I use the service since 1997. I get all my bills through their service. All my paper bills are sent to a po box they assigned to me. At the end of the year they have an option to get all your records on disc.

  101. arlene

    Ive never used pay on line. and i probably wont as long as i can have a hands on.i guess im old fashioned.but if my pc crashed and i didnt do a back up, where is all your receipts, and proof of payment. it would be a mess to have to contact all mycreditors for copies.
    and also i dont trust the sites, for sure the creditors sends a receipt monthly , i dont know. but im not going to find out.
    sorry thats how i feel.

  102. Rick S

    I live an hours drive from my bank and the internet saves me time and money.
    Never had any issues. But it was a bit scary at first.
    It’s the only way to go as far as I’m concerned. I love it.

    I never let anybody automatic debit because if there is going to be a mistake I want to be the one doing it.

    Ten years ago I was saying what the hell do I need a computer for?
    Now I think it’s one of the best investments I ever made.

  103. Steve

    I pay all of my recurring bills through my bank bill pay. I love it–no checks to write, no envelopes, no stamps, and it is free. For other non recurring bills, I will see if I can pay on line with a credit card. I will NOT give billers direct access to my bank account.

  104. Tom

    I pay all my bills (actually my sone does all the heavy lifting) through my bank and a Capitol One card. Two really great benefits are an easy-to-access online statement, up to date as youi look at it, and the extra $300+ in rewards points every year…….. really great way to save for Christmas presents.

  105. Jane

    I have been paying bills for almost 50 years the same way, via USPS. When this becomes inconvenient, I’ll pay online through my bank. Although I have been using the computer/internet for about fifteen years now, the majority of my friends in my age group, do not own computers, so we are doing our part to keep postal workers employed.

  106. joe

    I pay most of the time my bills by check… yeah I know I’m old fashion.
    Using checks give you a proof of payment and help creating jobs (mailman, employee at the bank, envelope factory, check factory…) also you don’t rely only on the internet in case the website is down.
    I like sitting down in the kitchen and focusing on my finance, like this I feel like I know where my money goes; especially when it’s an expensive bill.

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