With more meetings being held online nowadays, Google offers the option to respond to Google Calendar events that you’ll join virtually. For organizers who hold meetings both online and in-person, this lets them know how you plan to attend.

Note: As of this writing in September 2021, the feature is only available to Google Workspace, G Suite Basic, and Business customers.

Respond That You’ll Join Virtually

When you receive an event invitation, you can let the organizer know that you’ll attend, join virtually, or attend in a meeting room. You can do so on the web version of Google Calendar as well as the mobile app.

In Google Calendar on the web, open the event invitation and click the arrow next to Yes. Then, pick “Yes, joining virtually.” You can also respond with “Yes” or “Yes, in a meeting room.”

Select Yes, joining virtually

In the Google Calendar mobile app, you have the same options. Open the event and tap the Yes arrow at the bottom. Then select “Yes, joining virtually” or one of the other options if you prefer.

Select Yes, joining virtually

You can change your response after you send it if needed and you can still propose a new time for the event in Google Calendar on the web and in the mobile app.

What the Event Organizer Sees

If you choose to attend in a meeting room or join virtually, a corresponding icon (building or video camera) will appear next to your name in the event invitation. This lets the organizer, see at a glance, how you plan to join the meeting.

See how attendees will join

And the organizer will see the icon in the Google Calendar mobile app as well as on the web.

See how attendees will join in the mobile app

For those who use Google Calendar for business, education, or organizational meetings, the option to respond that you’ll join virtually is a useful feature.

To be sure everyone you need can attend, remember that you can check their availability in Google Calendar before you set a meeting time.

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