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IKEA is known for its affordable furniture that you have to assemble yourself. The company is applying those same sensibilities to gaming furniture and accessories, as it is releasing a line of Republic of Gamers (ROG) stuff in partnership with ASUS.

IKEA’s New Gaming Furniture and Accessories

IKEA is releasing a bunch of gaming accessories and pieces of furniture in October 2021. The furniture is a little more subdued in design than you might expect from stuff targeted at gamers. It’s busier than your average piece of IKEA furniture, but it won’t stand out quite as much as some other brands.

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In total, IKEA is releasing six different gamer-focused product lines. There’s the UPPSPEL, LƅNESPELARE, MATCHSPEL, GRUPPSPEL, UTESPELARE, and HUVUDSPELARE. Between furniture and accessories, the company is putting out more than 30 products. That’s in addition to theĀ FREDDE desk andĀ LƅNESPELARE ring light with a phone holder, both of which are already available.

You’ll be able to get the affordable UTESPELARE gaming chair forĀ $129 and the high-end GRUPPSPEL gaming chair forĀ $349, with other models falling in between those price points. In addition, the company is making theĀ UTESPELARE gaming desk in black and white for $159. The top-of-the-line adjustable desk is called theĀ UPPSPEL Gaming Desk, and it sells for $599.

The company has all sorts of exciting accessories, too. There’s a gaming pegboard, an accessory holder, mousepads, posters, and all kinds of other goodies.

Only theĀ UPPSPEL was created with ASUS ROG, while IKEA designed the rest with the information it learned about what gamers want. All in all, it looks like IKEA is investing in the gaming space pretty heavily, and it seems like the company has some pretty solid products out of the gate.

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