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The holidays are coming, so it’s an excellent time to plan gifts for the people you know who game. Gamers usually buy the games themselves, so we’ve got a few gift ideas that they’re not likely to have thought of.

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What to Look For in Gifts For Gamers

When you’re looking into gifts to get a gamer, you generally want to steer clear of video games themselves because your friend or relative probably already owns them. That, or they’ll tell you exactly which ones they want, eliminating the need for a guide like this.

If you want to surprise the gamer in your life, you’re far better off looking for things that will enhance their gaming experience or compliment their tech-heavy life.

That means you’re going to be looking at a lot of accessories to help them level up their game (if you’ll embrace the pun) and that actually gives you a lot of options. This is especially true as more and more gaming peripherals become available, and it can be tricky to find something that’s actually going to make them happy.

While it’s often worth just asking someone what they want, we understand the desire to give someone a nice surprise, so we’ve tried to come out with a wide range of potential gifts to cover all eventualities.

So, let’s get into our recommendations.

HyperX Pulsefire Haste: A Lightweight Mouse

Hyperx pulsefire haste on yellow background

While many people swear by heavy-duty clunky mice with a thousand extra buttons, there’s something to be said for lightweight, simple options. Not every game needs a lot of buttons, and from a health standpoint, a lighter mouse can help combat the risks of a repetitive strain injury (RSI).

Of all of the lightweight mice out there, one that really stands out is HyperX Pulsefire Haste. This mouse is covered in honeycomb-shaped holes that help make it almost offensively light, which will have whoever uses it feeling as though they’re just pushing around the air itself.

Along with the standard mouse wheel and left and right-click, it also has two buttons on the left side and an extra one on top, all of which are customizable. It even has a tiny RGB light in the mouse wheel, too, so nobody has to sacrifice the endless pulse of lighting that gamers have come to love.

HyperX Pulsefire Haste Mouse

An incredibly light mouse that'll keep your palm cool and your aim true.

Xbox Elite Series 2: An Extraordinary Controller

xbox elite series 2 controllers on green background

While many PC gamers tend to favor mouse and keyboard above all else, even the most die-hard have to admit that some games are better with a good controller.

There are plenty of options out there, we’ve still yet to find one that manages to rival the incredible Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller, which has everything any gamer could need but also costs a lot more than most are willing to splash out on. At $180 MSRP, the Elite 2 is not cheap, but it makes a great gaming gift.

Featuring customizable buttons, interchangeable paddles, and thumbsticks, and an in-built battery that can last up to forty hours, this controller works with PCs and Xbox consoles alike and will absolutely change the way games can be played. It’s an astounding bit of kit and one that’ll bring a huge grin to whoever receives it.

Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller

A highly customizable and overall incredible controller that the gamer in your life probably doesn't have.

Couchmaster CYCON²: Take PC Gaming to the Couch

Person using Couchmaster cycon in living room

Not every gamer chooses to have their PC set up on a big TV, but for those that do, finding a good way to control everything can be a bit of a pain. It’s not easy finding a good way to use your mouse and keyboard while chilling out on the couch.

If you buy someone the Couchmaster CYCON² Black Edition, though, they’ll have no problems gaming from their couch, even from the PC.

Not only will this support a keyboard, mouse, and mouse mat, but it comes with three additional pockets, six USB 3.0 ports for anything that needs additional power, and is incredibly easy to clean. It’s simply an awesome lap desk.

Couchmaster CYCON² Black Edition

Upgrade your PC gaming experience by moving to the comfort of your couch.

Samsung T5 Portable SSD: Extra Storage Means No Stress

Samsung T5 plugged into laptop in work area

One of the biggest issues for gamers is that games take up a lot of digital storage space. Many people manage this by uninstalling and reinstalling games and programs, but it’s not exactly ideal or time-efficient. After all, gamers do enough inventory management in the games themselves.

You can solve this problem for the PC gamer in your life by purchasing a shiny Samsung T5 Portable SSD. This bad boy comes with one terabyte of storage, up to 540 MBs of speed, and is easy to attach and detach as you need, which can make it easy to take some games with you if you’ve got a laptop too.

You can also use this portable SSD to store PlayStation 5 games, but you have to put them back on the console to actually play them. Keep that in mind if your giftee is more of a console gamer!

Samsung T5 Portable SSD 1TB

Never uninstall a game again with this fantastic 1TB SSD.

Elgato HD60 S: Record Console Gaming on PC

Elgato HD60 S on top of Xbox One

One of the things that people often get wrong about PC gamers is the idea that they hate consoles. That’s not often the case, especially with so many excellent PlayStation and Nintendo exclusive games out there.

However, for those with powerful gaming PCs, breaking away from it can be a bit rough. It would be nice to be able to run everything through incredibly pricey and beautiful gaming monitors when possible too. That’s where the Elgato HD60 S comes in.

The Elgato HD60 S can run all modern game consoles through it with a simple HDMI setup. Gamers can then capture footage, stream games, mess around with video editing, and enjoy not having to move out of their comfy chair to switch platforms. It’s the best of all gaming worlds.

Elgato HD60 S

Capture footage, stream, or just play your consoles through your PC monitor with this versatile capture card.

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Oculus Quest 2: Enter the World of Virtual Reality


One aspect of gaming that’s becoming increasingly impressive is the world of virtual reality (or VR). Originally cost-prohibitive for most, this genuinely unique way to play games is becoming more affordable, but may not be something the gamer in your life has picked up quite yet.

While it’s not the most powerful headset out there, the Oculus Quest 2 offers a great deal of freedom thanks to not needing a PC to work and the ability to play without wires. The latter point helps immersion beyond compare, and the former is great because who wants to get tangled up in wires when playing in VR?

Plus, your giftee can actually connect the Quest 2 to a PC to be able to play Steam-exclusive VR titles. Honestly, while the increased fidelity of the likes of Valve’s Index is nice, it’s hard to argue with the difference in price tags, so grab an Oculus instead if you’re alright with the Facebook integration.

Oculus Quest 2

Take gaming to the next level with virtual reality at home or on the go for a great price.

PowerA Dual Charging Station: Charge Up The Controllers

Xbox controllers on PowerA charging station

Controllers run out of power a lot. It constantly happens with many different controllers, but few are quite as susceptible as the Xbox Series controllers.

For some unknowable reason, Microsoft continues to release its controllers without built-in batteries, outside the Elite versions mentioned above. That means you have to buy batteries, which are not only expensive but not very environmentally conscious either.

There’s also the option of plugging the controller in via USB, but we’re in the era of wireless gaming now and wires can be cumbersome. Thankfully for everyone, all of these issues can be solved with a PowerA Dual Charging Station.

This little beauty comes with not only the charging station but also two battery packs. All your giftee has to do is plop the battery pack into the Xbox controller, put on the fancy cover that comes with the set, and place it on the stand. They’ll end up with a fully charged one just a few hours later!

PowerA’s charging station can even do charge two controllers simultaneously, which is great for anyone big on multiplayer games.

PowerA Dual Charging Station for Xbox Series X|S

Keep your controllers powered up with this charging station and two battery packs.

Bose Alto: Some Fancy Bluetooth Glasses

person waring bose altos outside

Look, some gamers just buy themselves everything. Many people who game are happy to sink all of their disposable income into gaming, as opposed to other hobbies or collectibles.

For those types of people, you have to think outside the box to get a good gift idea, and that’s where Bose Alto Audio Glasses come in. These are special Bluetooth audio sunglasses, which sounds like something that would only be available in a far-flung, cyberpunk future, but they’re very real and available for a nominal price.

These sunglasses not only function as a fairly decent pair of actual sunglasses but also offer impeccable sound thanks to embedded electronics in the temples. These electronics allow you to listen to all of your favorite music and podcasts while not bothering other people or requiring you to plug up your ears.

The Bose Alto Glasses are seriously cool, and probably not anything the gamer on your list has thought about getting.

Bose Frames Alto

Look good and listen to your music without anyone knowing with these sunglasses with sneaky speakers.

Beskar USB Fan: Cooling Never Felt So Good

light blue beskar fan on pink background

Many PC gamers put a lot of time, effort, and money into making sure that their PCs don’t overheat, and that’s important and all, but they usually forget about cooling themselves. This sucks especially hard in the warmer months when their PC is likely roasting them alive.

One of the coolest things you can buy anyone is a bit of comfort, and frankly, just getting someone a Beskar USB Fan is going to revolutionize their life by giving them the power of airflow. There’s a lot of fans out there of course, but Beskar’s fan is a great value.

It features a clip to make it easy to attach anywhere, and comes with a 3.9-foot long cable to make the fan easy to move around. This Beskar fan is also relatively quiet despite its small size and surprising power. It might not seem like this is a very exciting gift, but it’s genuinely the kind of thing that’ll get constant use and makes for a great gamer stocking stuffer.

BESKAR USB Powered Clip on Fan

Keep yourself cool with this adorable little USB fan.

Elgato Key Light: Shine Some Light

person streaming with elgato key light

Finally, we’ve got something for the streamers out there. Streaming is fun to do, but it can also be a pain to get everything on-screen looking nice and crisp.

Lighting can be one of the toughest things to master when it comes to streaming, and while you could always just get someone a basic ring light, you can spoil them if you get them an Elgato Key Light.

As with most Elgato products, the Key Light is specifically made for streaming, and its settings can be adjusted via a program on PC. They’ll definitely be getting the best lighting experience for going live.

It’s also effortless to attach to a desk, which can be a blessing if someone has limited floor space or just like to keep everything in one place for ease of use. Basically, this is perfect for the up-and-coming streamer, and they’ll be eternally grateful for no longer having to juggle two lamps and a window to get good lighting. It’ll be a great gift!

Elgato Key Light

Make sure their streams look as good as they do with this powerful light.

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