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A lot of M1 Mac users were hoping they’d be able to run Windows 11 on their computers. While the preview versions of Windows 11 ran with Parallels Desktop, it doesn’t look like the final release will be supported.

Microsoft recently told The Register that running the ARM version of Windows 11 on M1 Macs is not “a supported scenario” for the operating system. Not a supported scenario means it won’t work officially, but there’s always a chance some creative people could figure out a way to make Windows 11 work on an M1 Mac unofficially, though running it that way will be very much at your own risk.

Recently, running Windows 11 with Parallels Desktop 17 started popping hardware compatibility errors, which was a sign that support was going away as the final release date for Windows 11 approached. Parallels managed to fix some of those issues with the Windows Insider builds, but it appears those won’t be enough to keep things running for the final release.

If there’s one thing that has been interesting with the release of Windows 11, it has been figuring out which devices will support it. First, Microsoft announced strict requirements for the OS. Then, the company revealed that it would allow incompatible devices to install the OS through an ISO, though it’s unclear how well that will work when the OS drops.

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