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Sony is dropping the September update for PlayStation 5 that’ll make it so you can stick a massive 4TB M.2 SSD in your console to get all the storage space you need. It also adds new UX features, 3D Audio for built-in TV speakers, and more.

Adding an M.2 SSD to PS5

The September PlayStation 5 update is scheduled to release on September 15, 2021, and it’s a really nice update for console owners.

The update’s highlight is support for M.2 SSD expansion, allowing PS5 owners to get up to 4TB of storage on their consoles. You’ll be able to install the larger SSDs on both the PS5 console or PS5 Digital Edition console.

Once you install the SSD, it’ll work just like the factory-installed drive. You can store and launch games and apps from it, and because it’s an M.2 drive, you’ll get ridiculous speeds.

For choosing an M.2 drive, Sony has a page that breaks down the minimum specs and performance an SSD must have to work with PS5 consoles. That means you can’t just go out and get any drive, as slower, cheaper drives won’t work.

If you’re unsure how to install a drive, Sony has made a convenient video that shows you the process, which you can see below.

Here are a couple of drive options that are highly rated and supported by the PS5:

The somewhat affordable one.

WD BLACK 500GB NVMe SSD Solid State Drive

500GB of storage that's designed to work perfectly with the PS5 console.

The big one.

Sabrent 4TB Rocket 4 Plus M.2 Internal SSD

If you have a ton of money to spend on a drive and you want as much storage as possible, this 4TB drive is for you.

Other PS5 Updates

The PS5 is also getting some interface improvements that’ll make using the console a more enjoyable experience. For example, Sony has now separated PS4 and PS5 installs, making it easier to tell which version of the game you’re launching.

Sony also added some social enhancements, such as a new accolade that can be awarded to players after multiplayer matches. There’s also a feature that’ll automatically capture personal best videos, which is fantastic.

Finally, Sony adds support for 3D audio to TV speakers, which transforms two-channel TV speaker audio into three-dimensional sound, which is excellent for gaming.

All in all, this is a solid update for the PS5 and one that you’ll want to download.

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