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When you create cell styles in Microsoft Excel, those styles are available in all sheets for your current workbook. But there is a way to share those styles you spend time creating and editing with other Excel workbooks.

if you create a style for a custom border or number format that you want to reuse, you can merge styles and use them over and over. And if you make modifications to one of the premade cell styles, you can share those changes across workbooks as well. Both can save you time from recreating or remodifying those same styles.

Merge Cell Styles in Excel

Launch Excel and open the workbook that contains the styles you want to share with other workbooks. We’ll call this workbook Share 1. Then, open the workbook that you want to copy the styles to, which we’ll call Share 2.

With both workbooks open at the same time, select the workbook you want to share the styles with. Here, that’s Share 2.

Go to the Home tab and click the Cell Styles drop-down arrow. Pick “Merge Styles.”

Select Merge Styles

In the small pop-up window, select the workbook containing the cell styles you want to copy. Here, that’s Share 1. Click “OK.”

Select the workbook to merge styles from

If you’ve made changes to premade cell styles in the first workbook, you’ll be asked if you want to merge styles that have the same name. Click “Yes” to merge those as well or “No” to only merge custom styles you’ve created.

Pick Yes or No to merge same named styles

Now, you should see all merged styles in your second workbook, Share 2. Click “Cell Styles” on the Home tab to view them all.

Merged cell styles in Excel

You can continue to merge cells with each new workbook you open the same way.

Modify or Delete Cell Styles

If you’ve only worked with new cell styles so far, remember that you can modify or delete existing cell styles in any workbook.

Click “Cell Styles” on the Home tab. Then, right-click the style and choose “Modify” to make changes to it or “Delete” to remove it.

Pick Modify or Delete for a style

Using cell styles in Excel, you can format a cell or cell range quickly. So if you spend time creating a custom style or editing an existing one, why not merge them with other workbooks to keep making good use of them?

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