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If you’re giving a presentation remotely where audience participation is beneficial, you can hold a Q&A session in Google Slides. This lets your audience members submit questions that you can display during the presentation to address or discuss.

Here, we’ll show you how to initiate the Q&A session, present the questions, close the session when you’re done, and view a history of it. We’ll also explain how your audience members can use the session to participate and ask their questions.

Start a Q&A Session in Google Slides

When you present your slideshow, you’ll want to use the Presenter View. This gives you a separate window to start the Q&A session and then view and present the questions that come in.

Go to the top right of your slideshow, click the arrow next to Present, and choose “Presenter View.”

Select Presenter View to begin the slideshow

You’ll then see your presentation begin in your browser tab and a separate small window with tabs for Audience Tools and Speaker Notes.

Choose the Audience Tools tab and click “Start New” to begin the session.

Once you hit that button, you’ll see a link display at the top of your presentation. This is where your audience can go to ask their questions.

Question link in Google Slides

Ask Questions During a Presentation

As an audience member, click the link at the top of the presentation or enter it into the address bar of your browser. This displays a Slides Q&A page.

Type your question into the box and if you want to ask the question anonymously, simply check that box. Then, click “Submit.”

Ask a question

When the question displays, others can vote on it. Click thumbs up to Up Vote or thumbs down to Down Vote. This is a good way to make sure that the presenter addresses the most crucial questions because they can see the number of Up and Down Votes.

View a question and vote

Present Questions

As the presenter, you’ll see each question in the Audience Tools section of the Presenter View window with any votes the questions receive.

To display a question, click “Present.”

When you present a question, it will display on your presentation, almost as if it were part of the slideshow.

Question presented in Google Slides

To remove a question from the display, click “Hide.”

Tip: If you accidentally close the Presenter View window, you can reopen it using the Presenter Toolbar during your slideshow.

End the Q&A Session

When you want to stop the Q&A session, click the toggle at the top of the Audience Tools tab to the Off position.

Turn off the toggle to end the session

Any audience members still viewing the Slides Q&A screen will see that the session has ended.

Q&A session ended message

View the Q&A History

You can access all questions and their votes after you end your presentation. This helps you recall the most important questions and perform any necessary follow-ups.

Go to the top of your presentation in Google Slides and click Tools > Q&A History from the menu.

Select Tools, Q&A History

You’ll see a panel open on the right side with a list of those who asked questions and the dates and times.

Q&A History

Select one to view the question along with its votes.

View a question

When audience interaction is key to your message, remember this tip for holding a Q&A session in Google Slides.

For additional help with your presentations, take a look at our beginner’s guide to Google Slides.

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