Steam Library Update

Valve has released a substantial update for its popular PC gaming platform, Steam. The company has made huge improvements to its storage management page, improved the download page, and made many small tweaks and fixes.

Steam’s New Storage Management Page

Steam gave its storage management page a complete overhaul that makes it a lot easier to create and manage your game libraries. If you have a small SSD for speed and a large hard drive for storage, you can use this improved page to move games back and forth between them.

The new page has a more console-like look and feel, which is a smart move by Valve. It’s just a more pleasant and less annoying way to move games around and keep your PC’s storage space in check.

If you want to access the new storage management page, you’ll need to make sure Steam is updated. From there, go to Settings, then Downloads, and finally click “Steam Library Folders.”

Other Updates to Steam

Valve also improved the Downloads page in Steam, making it far more functional. The page always showed download progress, but now it also now shows installation progress. It’ll give you a better idea of how close you are to actually getting into your game.

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You can also drag and drop the order of games to change the download order. Valve also changed the name of the “View News” section to “Patch Notes,” making it more obvious that the page is about learning what’s new in a game.

There’s also plenty of bug fixes and performance improvement that’ll make Steam run better on your gaming rig. It’s a great update from Steam that takes the core functionality of the software and makes it better, which is what you always like to see from a major update.

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