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Microsoft has spent a lot of time talking about the new features offered by Windows 11, but the company hasn’t put forth as much effort hyping up the performance provided by the OS. That is, until now, as the firm says that Windows 11 could make your PC faster.

Windows 11 Performance Improvements

According to Microsoft, there are several tweaks under the hood that help make Windows 11 a better performing operating system. There are some pretty substantial changes to the way it system handles apps and processes. Windows 11 will favor the programs in the foreground, making sure they’re allotted enough resources.

This is particularly useful for people who like to run multiple instances of a program or tons of tabs in a web browser, as the app itself is already running in the foreground when you launch another instance, so it’s being granted more memory, CPU, and other system resources.

In a YouTube video (via Windows Latest), Microsoft’s VP Steve Dispensa from the Windows Management team said, “That’s seconds of time saved in this case. And the time savings add up as you use the apps over your day. So it feels responsive and fast. Foreground prioritization is a big part of that. And this same concept applies to the Windows shell itself, the browser, and your open tabs in Windows 11.”

Edge will see many of these improvements, as the company has enabled sleeping tabs in the browser by default. This could equate to significant memory and CPU savings in Windows 11.

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Another performance improvement in Windows 11 is how fast the computer will wake up from sleep. Microsoft has said that sleep mode will end almost instantaneously on computers with 8th-gen processors and newer, which is a welcomed change.

Windows 11 Will Be Here Soon

With the release of Windows 11 right around the corner, it’s nice to hear Microsoft tout the speed and performance of the OS instead of talking about how nice it looks and how many new features it’ll have. Of course, once the final release of the OS is available on October 5, we’ll be able to assess how much of an improvement there is. In the meantime, this has us excited to get our hands on Windows 11’s final build.

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