Windows 11 Photos app

Microsoft is getting closer to the final Windows 11 release date, and all of the built-in Windows applications are getting updated to match the operating system’s look and feel. Now, Photos is the latest app to get the Windows 11 treatment, as shared by Panos Panay on Twitter.

Windows 11 Photos App

Panos Panay has shared quite a few Windows 11 updates on Twitter. For example, Panay first revealed the new Snipping tool. Now, he’s shared a quick video showcasing what the Photos app will look like in Windows 11.

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While there doesn’t appear to be many new features with the Photos app, it definitely has the Windows 11 look. We’ve grown to know and love those rounded corners in Microsoft’s latest version of Windows are present in Photos, as is a slightly cleaner user interface. For example, the controls for editing images are more compact now, which should streamline using it.

There are some improvements to the cropping menu, too. Now the image jumps to full screen when you’re working on cropping it.

Obviously, any changes Microsoft chooses to make won’t replace an actual image editing app like Photoshop. Still, at least you can use the Photos app to do basic image editing with the Windows 11 look and style.

Overall, it looks like everything is streamlined in the Windows 11 Photos app. It’s great to see Microsoft putting in the effort to make sure its apps are polished and well-designed for Windows 11. Now, let’s hope the company manages to make the Photos app run less slowly.


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