Microsoft Start

There’s no shortage of ways to keep up on the latest news. Microsoft wants to remind you that it can bring you the news with the introduction of Microsoft Start. This helpful tool merges the MSN feed and Microsoft News into one.

What’s New in Microsoft Start?

With Windows 11 right around the corner, Microsoft is looking to rebrand its news efforts with a nice new homepage called Microsoft Start.

Microsoft includes more than 1,000 publishers in Microsoft Start. As is usually the case with these sorts of services, the company uses AI and machine learning to sort through the news and then show people the stories it thinks will be most interesting to them. The company also said there’s some human moderation involved, though it didn’t get specific.

You’ll see sports scores, top stories, weather, and personalized recommendations in Microsoft Start, which means you can get a good mix of information that applies to each day. It’s nothing new, as plenty of services offer similar information, but what makes this useful is the integration with Windows.

How to Try Microsoft Start Now

For now, you can take a look at the service through It works in all modern web browsers, so you’re not restricted to just Microsoft Edge. With that said, Edge includes a Microsoft Start feed on the new tab page, making it a key part of the browser.

You can also try it out on iPhone or Android. It’ll also be part of the Windows 11 widgets when the OS launches.

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