Facebook Fantasy Games

Facebook just announced that it is adding a new feature called Facebook Fantasy Games. The gaming feature is coming to the iPhone and Android app in the US and Canada, and it looks quite entertaining.

Facebook Fantasy Games Are Here

Facebook’s new fantasy games are all about predicting various sports and pop culture events with your friends to see who knows the most. Unlike most fantasy sports websites, Facebook is also rolling out culture games, so even people who hate sports can get in on the fun.

The company said its games feature “simpler formats that are easy to play for people new to prediction games, while still engaging enough for more seasoned players.” Many fantasy sports services require you to be an ultra-hardcore fan, and it sounds like Facebook is trying to cater to more casual fans who won’t study every detail.

Like any good fantasy game, Facebook is rolling out leagues that let you compete with your friends, guessing about whatever topic you choose.

The first game Facebook is launching is called “Pick & Play Sports,” and it is all about predicting the winner of a particular game, the points scored by a top player, or specific events that unfold during a specific match.

Facebook Fantasy Games Coming Later

Facebook also announced a bunch of games coming at a later date. They’re doing Fantasy Survivor for the popular reality showMLB Home Run Picks, Fantasy: “The Bachelorette,” and LaLiga Winning Streak.

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If this takes off, we could see Facebook add all sorts of different fantasy games to its Android and iPhone applications. Between fictional shows, reality shows, and sports, Facebook has plenty of options to choose from.

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