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Clubhouse is one of those apps that many people look at from the outside, but it’s actually quite useful. Now, it’s getting a little better, as the company announced support for spatial audio on its iOS applications, which will make using it more enjoyable.

The app is designed to be like a big room of people coming together and sharing thoughts and ideas. That’s why spatial audio makes a lot of sense for it. The company can create the feeling that sound is coming from all around you, just like it would if you were sitting in a room full of actual humans conversing with each other.

If you’re in the audience of a Clubhouse session, you’ll now hear the people around you, which makes the experience a bit more lifelike and human. With the spatial clues, you’ll be able to tell who is talking more quickly, instead of having the sound coming from all over.

In a Tweet, Clubhouse said, “It’s like surround sound, but w/ your headphones. A more vibrant, human experience! Plus makes it much easier to tell who’s talking.”

The company is rolling out the spatial audio feature as the default for iOS users, with Android to follow later. That means you’ll have to go to the app’s settings to turn off spatial audio if you don’t want it.

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