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With dark mode in Microsoft Office on Android, you can turn your entire experience of making documents, spreadsheets, and presentations a bit darker. We’ll show you how to turn this mode on.

How Does Dark Mode Work on Microsoft Office?

In Microsoft Office for Android, you will find three appearance options: dark mode, light mode, and system default. If you choose the system default option, it will use your Android phone’s current theme (whether light or dark).

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How to Activate Dark Mode in Microsoft Office for Android

To enable dark mode in Office on Android, first, launch the official Microsoft Office app on your Android phone. In the app, at the top-left corner, tap the user icon.

A “Me” screen will open. Here, from the “More” section, select “Settings.” This opens the settings menu for Office.

Select "Settings" on the "Me" screen in Microsoft Office.

In the “Settings” menu, under the “Display Preferences” section, tap “Theme.”

Tap "Theme" on the "Settings" page in Microsoft Office.

You’ll now see various appearance options for Office. To apply dark mode, select “Dark.”

Select "Dark" from the "Theme" menu in Microsoft Office.

A prompt will appear saying that you need to restart the app to bring changes into effect. To close this prompt, tap “Got It.”

Tap "Got It" in the dark mode prompt in Microsoft Office.

Close the Microsoft Office app on your phone. Then re-open the app. You will find it now uses dark mode.

Microsoft Office for Android in dark mode.

To reverse your action and go back to the default light mode, open the “Theme” menu again and choose “Light.” Then close and re-open the app.

Select "Light" from the "Theme" menu in Microsoft Office.

And that’s how you make Office on your Android phone match your visual preferences!

If you use Google Docs on your Android or iPhone, there’s a dark mode in that app, too.

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