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Google Sheets is a potent tool for working with numbers and data. If you know how to work with formulas, you can do some amazing things. Thankfully, Google is making it easier to work with formulas and functions for users who are intimated by them.

According to a Google blog post, Google Sheets will now make intelligent formula suggestions based on the data you’ve entered.

“You’ll now see in-line, sequential, context-aware suggestions for formulas and functions when working with data in Google Sheets,” said the Google blog post.

Not only will this help you understand what formula to use based on the situation, but it’ll also make sure you’re using the formula and function correctly in terms of order and so on.

The post also said, “Formula suggestions will make it easier to write new formulas accurately and help make data analysis quicker and easier.”

Google’s goal is to make it so less advanced spreadsheet users can take advantage of the power of formulas without feeling intimidated. “We hope these formula suggestions make it easier and faster for you to work with and analyze your data,” said the Google post.

The new feature is set to roll out gradually over the next couple of weeks, so you may not see it in your spreadsheets just yet. Just be patient and it’ll be there soon enough.

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