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We’ve all been in a meeting where that one person is causing an echo for everyone. Now, Google has announced that it is aiming to prevent that issue by alerting you that you’re creating an echo for everyone else. No longer will you need to put the meeting on hold to let that person what’s going on.

Google Meet already tried to fix echo by controlling the audio and removing it. As hard as Google might try, echo is bound to happen sometimes. With a new update to Google Meet, the video conferencing service will alert you if other call participants may hear a notable echo from your system.

Next time you start a meeting, the software will show you a red dot on the more options button to let you know that others might hear an echo. You’ll also receive a text notification about the problem.

If you click on the notification, you’ll be taken to a Google Meet help page that’ll provide you with recommended steps to remove the echo.

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Of course, there’s always the option of muting yourself if you can’t seem to get the echo to stop and you don’t have to talk.

It’s embarrassing to sit through a whole meeting only to find out after that you’ve been annoying everyone with an echo, so at least knowing that it’s happening will let you stop it so everyone else can enjoy (or pretend to enjoy) the meeting.

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