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To help your Instagram followers find you on other platforms and websites, you can put a link in your Instagram bio. This could be any link of your choice, and we’ll show you how to add it to your account.

The link that you add to your Instagram profile will appear right beneath your bio. Unlike URLs in your posts, this will be a clickable link. Unfortunately, you can only have one link at a time in your bio.

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Add a Link to Your Instagram Bio on Mobile

To put a link in your Instagram bio from an iPhone or Android phone, use the official Instagram app.

Launch the Instagram app on your phone. In the app, from the bar at the bottom, select the profile icon (which is the last icon in the bar).

Your profile page will open. Here, below your profile information, tap “Edit Profile.”

Tap "Edit Profile" on the profile page in the Instagram app.

You’re now on the “Edit Profile” screen. Here, tap the “Website” field and type the link you want to add to your bio. Then, from the top-right corner of the “Edit Profile” screen, select the checkmark icon.

Put a link in the bio using the Instagram app.

Instagram will open your profile page. You will see your newly added link right beneath your bio there.

A link in bio in the Instagram app.

And that’s how you let people know of your existence outside of this photo and video sharing site. Very useful!

Add a Link to Your Instagram Bio on the Web

On a Windows, Mac, Linux, or Chromebook computer, use the Instagram site to put a link in your bio.

Start by opening a web browser on your computer and accessing the Instagram site. Log in to the site if you aren’t already.

On the Instagram site, at the top-right corner, click your profile icon.

From the menu that opens after clicking your profile icon, select “Settings.”

Select "Settings" from the profile menu on the Instagram site.

On the settings page that opens, from the sidebar on the left, select “Edit Profile.”

Select "Edit Profile" in settings on the Instagram site.

On the right pane, click the “Website” field and type the link you want to add to your bio. Then, at the bottom of the page, click “Submit.”

Add a link in bio using the Instagram site.

Instagram will update your profile with the newly added link. Head to your profile page and you will see your link there.

A link in bio on the Instagram site.

This is a very useful feature, as you can use it to lead people to your various other online profiles and sites.

On a related note, did you know you can see a list of all the links you’ve opened on the Instagram mobile app? Check out our guide on that if you’re curious.

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