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Google has faced a somewhat rocky road with the launch of the new Google Pay app. But that’s not stopping Google from diving even further into the world of payments, as the company still wants to launch bank accounts.

Business Insider article talked about the issues facing the Google Pay team. According to the report, “dozens of employees and executives have left” the company, leaving the team in an unpleasant state. Even Caesar Sengupta, who was the leader responsible for the new version of Google Pay, left the company.

And it’s not just executives leaving Google Pay’s team, as the report says “that half the people working on the business development team for Google Pay—a group of about 40 people—have left the company in recent months.”

But that’s not going to deter Google and its Google Pay app. The company is still working on its own bank accounts, which the company is calling Plex. Through a partnership with Citibank, the company intends to bring full bank accounts to users. But like many parts of Google Pay, the progress has been “slower than expected.”

Whether users want a Google bank account remains to be seen, but if the shockingly low 3% market Google Pay has for NFC payments is any indication, it seems that most users are content to avoid Google for all things payments, at least for the time being.

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