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With reverse image search on Android, you can pick a photo from your phone and find more information or similar images on the internet. We’ll show you how to perform this search with the Google app.

We’ll cover how to do this on your phone and in the Chrome and Firefox web browsers. In all three methods below, you’ll need the free Google app installed on your phone.

How to Reverse Image Search a Saved Image

If you have an image saved on your phone that you’ve either downloaded or captured with your camera, you can find more information on it or similar images using the free Google app.

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Launch the Google app on your phone. In the app, right next to the “Search” field, tap the Google Lens option (a camera icon).

On the “Google Lens” screen, at the bottom, tap the media icon.

If you’d like to capture a photo and then perform a reverse search for it, point your phone’s camera to your object.

If Google is accessing your phone’s gallery for the first time, you will see a prompt on your screen. Tap “Give Access” in this prompt to continue.

Tap "Give Access" in Google Lens.

In your phone’s prompt, tap “Allow.”

Tap "Allow" in the access prompt of Google Lens.

You will see all your gallery photos. Here, tap the photo for which you’d like to perform a reverse image search.

When your photo opens in a full-screen view, use the handlers around the photo to select the specific area in your photo that you want to find on the internet.

Select the area of the photo to search for in Google Lens.

A white section will appear at the bottom of the Google app. Drag this section upwards to reveal it.

Drag the bottom section upwards to view the search results in Google Lens.

And you’ll now see similar photos and more information about your image.

Results of the reverse image search on Android.

And that’s how you find out the details for an image saved on your Android phone.

How to Reverse Search for an Image in Google Chrome

You can reverse search for the images that you find on websites in the Chrome mobile app on your phone.

To do this, first, open the site where your image is located.

Tap and hold the image, then from the menu that opens, select “Search with Google Lens.”

Tap "Search with Google Lens" in Google Chrome.

A Google Lens screen will appear displaying more information about your image.

Reverse search results of an image in Google Chrome.

How to Reverse Search for an Image in Mozilla Firefox

To perform a reverse search for an image on a website in the Firefox mobile app, first, open the site where the image is available.

Tap and hold on image, and from the menu that opens, select “Share Image.”

Select "Share Image" in Mozilla Firefox.

From the “Share” menu, choose “Search Image” (the Google icon).

Select "Search Image" from the "Share" menu in Mozilla Firefox.

You’ll reach a Google Lens page that displays more information about your selected image.

Reverse image search results in Mozilla Firefox.

That’s all there is to performing a reverse image search on Android phones. We hope it helps you out.

You can perform a reverse image search on a desktop computer, too.

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