Razer Bundle

Razer makes a ton of products for gamers, and many of them are among the best. The company has some of the best mice, mouse mats, and headsets, and you can get a bundle featuring three Razer devices for $69.99 from Best Buy, which is absurdly cheap.

Starting with the mouse, the bundle comes a DeathAdder V2, one of the company’s mid-range options. By itself, Razer sells the DeathAdder V2 for $70, so even the mouse alone makes this bundle worth snagging.

The bundle comes with a Blackshark V2 X for the headset, which also sells for $60 on its own.

Finally, there’s the big mouse mat, which is the Gigantus V2 Medium. This normally retails for $10. It’s not a massive mouse mat, but it’s big enough for most gamers.

When you combine all three products together, you get a total price of $140. At $150, which is the regular price of this bundle, it’s not a great deal. However, at the discounted $70 price, it’s a tremendously solid bargain. Just the mouse alone sells for that price, so it’s 100% worth picking this up if you’re looking into diving headfirst into PC gaming.

The Best Keyboards of 2022

Best Keyboard Overall
Razer Pro Type Ultra
Best Budget Keyboard
Logitech MK270 Keyboard and Mouse Combo
Best Wired Gaming Keyboard
Razer Huntsman V2
Best Wireless Gaming Keyboard
Logitech G915 TKL
Best Bluetooth Keyboard
Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard
Best Ergonomic Keyboard
Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard
Best TKL Keyboard
Logitech G915 TKL
Best 60% Keyboard
GMMK 60% Percent Compact
Best Mac Keyboard
Apple Magic Keyboard

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Mouse, headset, and mat in one bundle

Razer - Battle Bundle

You can get a DeathAdder V2 mouse, a BlackShark V2 X headset, and a Gigantus V2 M mouse mat for just $70, which is absurdly cheap for these three products.

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