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One way to avoid accidentally sending emails in Gmail is to get Gmail to show a final confirmation box before your email is sent. Luckily, Gmail’s Android app offers this option, and we’ll show you how to use it.

The way this works is that you enable an option in Gmail on your Android phone. Then, when you compose a new email in the app and tap the send button, you get a box asking for your final confirmation before your email is sent.

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Unfortunately, as of this writing in August 2021, the option to get a confirmation box is only available in Gmail for Android. Gmail’s app for iPhone and iPad currently doesn’t offer this feature.

Prevent Sending Accidental Emails in Gmail

Start by launching the Gmail app on your Android phone.

In the Gmail app, from the top-left corner, tap the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines).

Tap the hamburger menu in the Gmail app.

Scroll the hamburger menu that opens all the way down. Then tap “Settings.”

Tap "Settings" in the hamburger menu of the Gmail app.

On the “Settings” page, tap “General Settings.”

Tap "General Settings" in the "Settings" menu of the Gmail app.

Scroll the “General Settings” page all the way down. Then, in the “Action Confirmations” section at the bottom, enable the “Confirm Before Sending” option.

Enable "Confirm Before Sending" in the "General Settings" menu of the Gmail app.

And you’re all set.

From now on, when you tap the send button for your emails, Gmail will display a final prompt before your email is sent. You will have to tap “OK” in this prompt to actually send your email.

Select "OK" in the "Send this Message" prompt of the Gmail app.

This nifty feature should help you prevent accidentally sending those half-written and/or any other emails that aren’t ready to be sent. Very useful!

Did you know you can even recall the sent emails in Gmail?

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