Windows 11 clock app

Microsoft has made the new Clock app with Focus Sessions available to Windows Insiders through the latest Windows 11 update. Shortly after learning that the new Clock app integrates with Spotify, we’re now able to try it out for ourselves.

The new Clock app features a completely overhauled visual style that blends nicely with the rest of Windows 11. That’s all well and good, but the company is really touting the new Focus Sessions feature that lets you lock into your work and get more done without any third-party software.

You can use the Clock app to set a Focus Timer that’ll block out distractions for however long you choose. For example, if you have 30 minutes to work, you enter 30 minutes and get going. You can also use Spotify to play songs that’ll keep you in the zone during your session.

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Microsoft also integrates its To Do app with Focus Sessions. As a result, you can manage your tasks without ending your focus session, which should make it easier to stay on task. There’s even a feature that lets you set a daily focus goal so you can try to stay on task a certain number of times per day.

Windows 11 focus sessions to do

If you want to try out the new clock app on Windows 11, you’ll need to be a Windows Insider in the Dev Channel. This comes hot on the heels of Microsoft releasing the new Snipping Tool for Windows 11.

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