Windows 11 Paint app

Microsoft’s Paint app is getting a substantial redesign in Windows 11. It appears as though Microsoft has cracked open the lid of its paint bucket to give the Paint app a fresh coat of paint that makes it look quite different than the app we know (and barely use) in Windows 10.

Panos Panay knows how to get our attention, as Microsoft’s Chief Product Officer consistently drops teaser videos for new Windows 11 features. In his latest tease, Panay showed off Paint in Windows 11, and it looks quite promising.

The interface looks quite different from the Paint app we know and love, but it doesn’t appear that too much has changed in terms of functionality. The only notable new features that you can see in the teaser video are a dark mode and the option to change text alignment. Otherwise, it’s still a basic image creation tool.

Some Windows users like the core functionality of Paint, so it makes sense that Microsoft wouldn’t want to change too much about it. However, it would have been nice to see some enhancements to the core functionality. We don’t expect Paint to replace more powerful image editing tools like Photoshop, but a few more powerful features would have been excellent.

According to Panay, the new Paint app will make its way to Windows Insiders soon, so we’ll be able to dig in and see if any new features are hiding within the app that the video didn’t show off. However, we’re relatively sure it’s mostly the same app with a Windows 11 look and feel.

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