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The YouTube mobile app has some built-in gestures to make it easier to use on a touch screen. One of the best gestures is the ability to double-tap the video with two fingers to skip chapters.

Chapters divide a video—usually long videos—into sections. They’re indicated on the seek bar and listed in the video description. For a viewer, it’s easy to skip to the parts of the video that you want to watch.

YouTube has a gesture that makes skipping chapters even easier. It works the same way as the seek gesture, which allows you to skip 10 seconds forward or backward by tapping either side of the screen with one finger (which you can adjust).

First, you’ll need to bring up a video that has chapters in the YouTube app for iPhone, iPad, or Android. In the video below, you can see the chapters indicated in the seek bar.

YouTube video with chapters.

Now, all you have to do is double-tap on the video. Double-tapping the right side will go to the next chapter, and double-tapping the left side will go to the previous chapter.

Double-tap on the left or right with 2 fingers.

That’s all there is to it! Knowing about simple gestures like this can make the YouTube experience on your phone much better. Navigating the small seek bar on a touch screen can be annoying, so it’s always better to have gestures like this.

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