Photoshop sky replacement

Adobe has been rather busy working on Photoshop for iPad and desktop. The company announced many new features designed to make creating beautiful images on iPad and desktop a more streamlined experience.

The company added improvements to sky replacement, and an independent Bezier handle was added to the Transform Warp tool on the desktop app. Additionally, Adobe added the healing brush and magic wand tools to the iPad version of Photoshop.

Improvements to Adobe Photoshop on Desktop

For most people, the desktop is the primary place they use Photoshop. It remains one of the most powerful photo editing tools on the market, and thanks to a recent update, it’s getting better.

First, Adobe is adding more sky choices to its powerful sky replacement tool. A whole tool in the Sky Replacement dialog in Photoshop takes you to Adobe’s Discover page, where you can choose tons of skies. Additionally, the company is making it so you can import up to 5,000 skies at a time, which is an absolutely absurd number.

Transform Warp Photoshop

Outside of Sky Replacement, Photoshop is getting a Transform Warp with independent Bezier handle movement. Adobe says that it gives “people, like packaging designers, who need to stretch and bend images onto bottles, boxes and other, the ability to create previously-impossible transformations.”

Adobe also announced a slew of minor adjustments and improvements that’ll make Photoshop run more smoothly.

Photoshop on iPad is Getting Better

The iPad version of Photoshop is becoming more like the desktop version, as it’s getting the potent Healing Brush tool and Magic Wand selection tool. Using these, you can perform edits that wouldn’t be possible on a tablet before.

Photoshop iPad wand tool

There’s also a new projection feature that allows you to share your canvas on a larger screen so you can collaborate with others without requiring them to huddle around your tablet.

Overall, this is a solid update for Photoshop and one that’s worth checking out whether you’re an iPad or desktop photo editor.

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