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Roku is rapidly becoming more than a hardware manufacturer of streaming boxes and sticks. The company has a ton of free streaming channels available, and The Verge is reporting that Roku has just added 17 new ones that’ll provide fans with lots of free content to watch whenever they want.

17 New Free Channels Coming to Roku

Roku is adding content that’ll catch the attention of all types of viewers. Whether you’re looking for horror, children’s content, or gaming, there’s something for you with this new update.

Here’s the list of 17 channels that are coming to Roku’s TV hub:

  • AccuWeather Now
  • Baywatch
  • CBC
  • El Rey
  • Estrella Games
  • FilmRise Kids
  • FilmRise Horror
  • FilmRise True Crime
  • IGN
  • Mega Noticias
  • RCN Más
  • Real Madrid TV
  • So…Real
  • The Only Way Is Essex
  • Tribeca Channel
  • The Wiggles powered by Loop Media, Inc.
  • Vivaldi

In July of 2020, Roku had just over 100 channels on its service, and now there are over 200 available. That’s a massive increase in a relatively short time. Hopefully, the company doesn’t slow down this pace, as more free streaming content is always good.

Free Streaming on Roku

If you use Roku, these free channels are nice to have. Will they replace the live sports and other content offered by traditional cable? Probably not, but it’s hard to complain about the offerings when they cost you absolutely nothing.

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